Dmitry Dmitrenko wants to make up with Olga Rapunzel

Дмитрий Дмитренко хочет помириться с Ольгой Рапунцель
The separation of the stars home electroni countries Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko shocked fans of the show.

Дмитрий Дмитренко хочет помириться с Ольгой Рапунцель

The lovebirds recently got married and have always shown the family reunion, posting photos together and confessing each other’s feelings. But recently, Olga was announced that Dmitry raised a hand to her though she is in an interesting position, and now he is trying to get her back.

“I plan to find a job to provide for their child, a family. The baby is innocent. He must live in harmony, in happiness, love and care. We with Olga have done a lot of stupid things, and I oppose divorce” – says the young man.

Olga even wrote a statement to the police, accusing the wife of beating, but Dmitry still doesn’t want to put up with the situation, and in the case of divorce, ready to have a child.

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