Dmitry Dmitrenko desperately looking for ways to get your wife back

Дмитрий Дмитренко отчаянно ищет способы вернуть жену Man dreams of reconciliation with Olga Rapunzel. He admits that he does not want to divorce and the initiative in this matter comes from the beloved. However, if the family will break up, Dimitrenko ready to help unborn heir financial.
Дмитрий Дмитренко отчаянно ищет способы вернуть жену

The sudden parting of Olga Rapunzel and Dmitry Dmitrenko was a big surprise for fans of the pair. The fact that the couple showed the family reunion, often share joint photos. Later the stars “House-2” admitted that it was only fiction, and in their relationships is long overdue crisis.

According to Olga, the chosen one has repeatedly beaten her, not paying attention to the pregnancy. Now the young woman wants to divorce, but Dmitri, on the contrary, tries by all means to save the family.

“I plan to find a job to provide for their child, a family. The baby is innocent. He must live in harmony, in happiness, love and care. We with Olga have done a lot of stupid things, and I oppose divorce” – shared Dimitrenko.

The man admits that sometimes made mistakes and were rude to his beloved. However, he believes that we need to fight for the integrity of the family.

Earlier Olga wrote a letter to Dmitry to police. A young woman claims that her husband not only humiliated her moraino, but also repeatedly raised a hand. After another scandal Rapunzel moved to the hotel, where he lived a few days with my mother.

He Dmitrenko does not intend to leave the apartment he rented with his wife. The man said that it is satisfied with itself dwelling and the area. But Rapunzel thinks, whether it be in Moscow or to return to his native Vladivostok.

The man podvernul that is willing to pay child support to their child who is not yet born. However, this will only be possible if Olga herself will apply for financial assistance.

“She has my number, she can always call or email. I’ll come and help, of course, if she wants it. Everything depends on your desires Oli,” said Dmitry.

Morally the man is like the reconciliation and final parting. He stressed that because of the conflict with Olga, they have lost respect to each other. However, for the sake of the future baby quarreling spouses have to find a common language.

Parting Rapunzel and Dimitrenko has given rise to many rumors. Some fans believe that Olga is specially fanned the conflict in order to attract attention or to return to the “House-2”. A young woman outraged by such claims, because she thinks she’s a victim, not a schemer.

“Here I am to do nothing, to lie, to be a single mother, to run away from home to the hotel, mom cause from afar. I did and the police were called, neighbors repeatedly knocked on the door , this is no joke! I suffered a lot in the apartment the fifth corner was looking, and he mocked me. I forgave for the sake of the child to preserve the family,” previously wrote Kim on Instagram.

In an interview with “House-2” Dmitry admitted that the collapse of the family is to blame has two sides. Fans still hope that the couple will be able to find a compromise and save the marriage for the sake of the future baby.