Дмитрий Дибров вычеркнул сына из своей жизни
TV presenter admitted that interrupted the communication with the senior heir.

Dmitry Dibrov

Dmitry Dibrov has made an unexpected and sad confession about her first child, Denise, born in 1985. The broadcaster said that it knows nothing about the events in the life of the eldest son from his first marriage, as it does not support communication with him. Dmitry has hinted that he regrets that he lost touch with Dennis, but to influence the situation, he can not.

“With Dennis we, unfortunately, do not communicate, it so happened,” — said Dmitry. He stressed that with the eldest daughter, Lada maintained friendly relations. She settled in France, but in spite of this, finding the time to meet with the father. “Paris, where she lives, is wonderful. I like my brother-in-law. Here she got married last summer. He’s really cute, educated guy. Well, listen, I actually never intended to become a French grandfather. But believe me this is not asking” jokes Dibrov.

In addition, the broadcaster growing up three young sons from his marriage with his young wife Paulina. Their Dmitry educates as well as older children. His Outlook on fatherhood has been formed at a young age by the example of the father. “Everything that I do with my kids is a copy that I did my father. He did what? Nothing! Just my father played on four instruments, spoke twelve languages and was known for 60 years all the breakthrough: jazz, Okudzhava, Novella Matveeva, Bella Akhmadulina. And the father only and did that constantly showed me interesting things. It just saved me from all the trials of life in a southern city, where you could go to juvie. But the notation (after all, the notation needs, children also need to educate) — all of these deals in our family mom. She is the source of the prohibition “not to pick your nose”, the words “time to sleep”. Well, comrades, to do? One needs to be good, and someone needs to be evil. Unfortunately, it falls on mom. From me — only gifts and interesting!” — quoted by Dibrova Womanhit.ru.