Dmitry Dibrov stopped to chat with his eldest son

Дмитрий Дибров перестал общаться со старшим сыном The presenter does not know what happens in the life of Dennis, who was born in the first marriage. Dmitry Dibrov and Elmira were together for only three years. Now the man is not communicating with the heir.
Дмитрий Дибров перестал общаться со старшим сыном

Known TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov now lives with his wife Pauline, who’s younger than him by 30 years. The couple are raising three sons. The man doted in their home and therefore enjoy their spoils.

Dmitry often talks about younger children, but rarely talks about elders. Son Denis was born in 1985 in marriage with Elvira. This Union lasted only three years. With his wife he begot seven years, they had a daughter, Lada. Dmitry admitted that in his life, a difficult period – he is not in contact with the heir, and don’t know which path he chose for himself. But the fate of the girl he is satisfied.

“With Dennis we, unfortunately, do not communicate, it happened. A Lada — Yes, I do like it. Paris, where she lives, is wonderful. I like my brother-in-law. Here she got married last summer. He’s really cute, educated guy. Well, listen, I actually never intended to become a French grandfather. But believe me, I about it do not ask,” – said Dibrov.
Дмитрий Дибров перестал общаться со старшим сыном

Despite the fact that now in his relationship with a senior son is some misunderstanding, Dimitri tries to adhere to the parenting methods that were used by his parents. He was pleased with what life principles gave him mom and dad.

“Everything that I do with my kids is a copy that I did my father. He did what? Nothing! Just my father played on four instruments, spoke twelve languages and was known for 60 years all the breakthrough: jazz, Okudzhava, Novella Matveeva, Bella Akhmadulina. And the father only and did that constantly showed me interesting things. It just saved me from all the trials of life in a southern city, where you could go to juvie,” recalls Dibrov.

The son of Dmitry Dibrova: “Daddy’s belt made of snake skin”

Дмитрий Дибров перестал общаться со старшим сыном

However, the strictness in the family of a TV presenter is also present. However, it comes not from him but from Pauline. According to Dmitry, the Pope should treat kids, and not blame them for the faults. Dibrov said in an interview Womanhit that he tries to be more interesting to spend leisure time with children.

Дмитрий Дибров перестал общаться со старшим сыном“But the notation (after all, the notation needs, children also need to educate) — all of these deals in our family mom. She is the source of the prohibition “not to pick your nose”, the words “time to sleep”. Well, comrades, to do? One needs to be good, and someone needs to be evil. Unfortunately, it falls on mom. From me — only gifts and interesting,” admitted the leader.