Дмитрий Дибров окрестил младшего сына в Дону

A traditional ceremony for the family of TV presenter held in Azov.

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One-year-old Ilya, the youngest of the sons of Cossack Colonel Dibrova finally devoted to the don Cossacks, like his older brothers – 6-year-old Sasha and 2-year-old Fyodor. To meet the baby and his family gathered ataman of the Azov, the Cossacks and the Cossack ensemble of artists who accompanied Dubrovich songs, dances and planirovki.

The rite of passage young Cossack in the don has gone down in history, but was resumed six years ago by Dmitry Dibrov and don ataman, when the river was represented by the eldest son of the presenter Sasha. “Father don, I’m presenting you a new Cossack, – said the ataman of the Azov Valery Novikov. — Let him be healthy, strong, strong, cares and loves our country.” Ilya Dibrov was sleepy, so a little scared of the hype around him, and in the hands of a stranger uncle, the assistant to the ataman, and began to cry. But that did not stop the ceremony, after which the little one put to bed. After action Ilya gave children’s books and a real Cossack hat.

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— A dedication son to the cops – this is very important because the person needs to be rooted, – confessed Dmitry Dibrov. — I am very jealous of the Chechens. The fact that we have the prefix “great”: great-grandfather, great-grandfather – they simply separate nouns. Every Chechen person should know seven of their fathers, and ideally, twelve. Because if he has to make moral choices, to act meanly, he would not have otherwise embarrass themselves and twelve of their fathers. When you imagine the son of the don-father, you introduce him to his great father. The father of all their fathers present Cossack. How many he will understand? Nothing. He will ever be and twenty, and he will know that he is our great river from which all Russia was born. That’s what’s important. The Cossacks are distinguished by the exceptional honor and dedication. We are not far from samurai. That is our strength.

Sons broadcaster brings love to the native land. Every day Dmitry Aleksandrovich tells Sasha about the Cossacks, Don and his hometown of Rostov-on-don. The boy loves to be dressed in a Cossack that even during the meetings of parents and friends, puts on his cap, takes in the hand a wooden sword and it turns out to the guests. And yet he often asks his father: who is stronger – the Cossacks or Godzilla?

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