Dmitry Dibrov crowned Olga Buzova

Дмитрий Дибров короновал Ольгу Бузову Reporters asked the leader, as it relates to modern Russian television. Thinking about it, Dibrov remembered Olga Buzova. Social media users have appreciated the ironic statement of the journalist.
Дмитрий Дибров короновал Ольгу Бузову

This week in Moscow was held a regular prize TEFI, which was awarded for the highest achievements in the field of television arts. The ceremony was marked by many celebrities, including Dmitry Dibrov, Marina Aleksandrova, Lera Kudryavtseva, Mikhail Shvydkoi, Andrey Malakhov, Alexander and Ekaterina Strizhenov, Maxim Galkin, Julia Menchov, Mikhail Kozhukhov, Alla Mikheeva, Julia Baranovska and others.

During the event the journalists asked Dmitry Dibrova about how it applies to modern television. On this subject, the man called the name of Olga Buzova. Recall that recently, the girl not only has a popular TV projects, but also storming musical Olympus – she recently released her debut album, “the sounds of kissing.”

“Today’s stage of the development of television is a stage of Olga Buzova. Whether you like it or not. “Tomboy” or not, what was the name of the contestants… I know all this Olga Buzova! It is only best for today, top national television,” he commented ironically Dibrov.
Дмитрий Дибров короновал Ольгу Бузову

Olga herself was not present at ceremony TEFI. Some time ago Buzova starred in the pilot releases the new TV show of the First channel, however, is currently unknown, whether there is broadcast. The representatives of TV companies prefer to refrain from comments about the app called “womanish revolt”. In addition to Olga Buzova in the show took part of Sofiko Shevardnadze, Tatyana Vasilyeva, Yulia Baranovskaya Elena Abitaeva.

Дмитрий Дибров короновал Ольгу Бузову“So, you know, women’s response to Chamberlain, I mean the dork with the “ProjectorParisHilton”, I mean us men. The four leading ladies passionately and with their inherent passion discussed political and world news with invited experts, specialists and twelve angry men,” – shared his impressions of one of the invited experts, the dentist Igor Lemberg.

We will add that in this year the ceremony TEFI remember the public scandal. Vladimir Pozner has addressed to organizers of the event, saying that the selection of the winners were undemocratic way.

Vladimir Pozner rebelled against taffy

In addition, in the nomination “the Educational program” awarded “Orpheus” transfer “Military secret”, in one of the issues which he spoke about the theory of a flat family. The news provoked heated discussions on the Network. Some Internet users expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of modern TV. In a recent interview with the journalists Mikhail Shvydkoi said he did not consider Russian television is bad. “And certainly I would not call it trash. On the Internet is much more thrash,” he told the TV channel “Rain”.