Dmitry Dibrov concluded after meeting with the son-in-law

Дмитрий Дибров сделал выводы после знакомства с зятем The presenter talked about the relationship with the chosen one’s daughter Lada, who lives in France. According to Dmitry Dibrova, he only met him after the girl’s wedding. Beloved Lada made a good impression on the showman.

      Дмитрий Дибров сделал выводы после знакомства с зятем

      TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov recently gave a Frank interview in the program “Alone with all”. The man told about his personal life and speculate on hot topics with leading Yulia Menshovoj.

      During the conversation with the famous actress Dmitry told about the relationship with older children from previous marriages. “Now, when you growing up three young boys, and there are already grown men, who fell on another period of your life, is there a way to rewind something back or what happened, what happened?” asked the showman Yulia Menshova. “No… I Have to admit that we can only repent and admit that I’m not perfect” – shared with her man.

      Dmitry Dibrov told about change of the marital status of the eldest daughter Lada, living in France. The girl had legalized their relationship with a lover. Apparently, the happy event in the life of the successor of the host occurred in July of last year when she posted a picture together with the groom on Instagram.

      “Daughter I have a very good relationship. Now here I was in Paris, met her husband… I met him only after the wedding. Great guy, wonderfully educated… Julia, but it’s not my life. I did everything to the daughter lived in Paris, received an excellent education and excellent genetics… Life wouldn’t be so dramatic if everything could rewind…” – said Dibrov with a leading TV show.
      Дмитрий Дибров сделал выводы после знакомства с зятем

      The man also said that everyone should learn from their mistakes. “Curse the one who does not know how then to do homework and to do the right thing…” – said the host. According to Dmitry, with his children from the fourth marriage will be different. “I hope that the three boys, and it may not even end the score given to me in the atonement,” he said.

      Recall that Lada Dibrova – the daughter of a famous TV host from his second marriage, which lasted seven years. She was born in 1989. In that period of his life he was focused on his career and almost didn’t find time for the wife. “She was lying a young, beautiful on the bed and I was all,” later recalled the showman.

      At the moment Dmitry Dibrov happily married to fourth wife Pauline. Lovers have legalized their relationship in 2009. The couple has three children – Alexandra, Theodore and Ilya.