Дмитрий Дибров спустил несколько миллионов на иномарку для супруги The wife of TV host showed fans the gift. As told Polina Dibrova, this is the first car that gave her husband a long life. She was waiting for a present a few months.

Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy recently celebrated the anniversary of marriage. The couple are happy together for nine years. The girl met the famous showman, when she was only 17 years old. Now the couple are raising three sons. In the winter, when Polina had a birthday, her husband gave her an expensive gift. Dibrov ordered for the wife of expensive car, which costs about four million rubles. A few months later the car was delivered to Russia from abroad.

“Oh, and the weekend turned out to be this time. My doll came into the family. That girl appeared. How long I was waiting for her. With the new year. Beloved husband, thank you for the gift. Get used to each other, even the nails are painted in color” – shared joy Dibrova.

Black car tied with a red ribbon, and the rooms have not had time to attach. As told by Pauline, she previously did not need in the new car, so as expected, when children grow up. Young mother denies that her husband is generosity and sometimes spoils her with expensive gifts.

Dubrovich in the family reigns understanding, but sometimes Dmitri accuses the wife that she spends a lot of time on the net. Pauline tries to show the fans pictures not only in the company of children, but also shares with them the secrets of beauty, and sometimes takes videos of their workouts. Dibrov sometimes swears at the young spouse due to the fact that she always sits in Instagram.

“She makes pictures from morning to night. First year and a half I haven’t scolded for it, and then in General boiled. If she was only doing for me, God bless her. She’s got “Instagram”, and I have Pink Floyd and nineteen guitars. Well and good: it is on the Internet, and I play guitar. It is possible to agree. But when she learned to do when good people, each of which has its own sector in the national culture, then I’m flared up. Now she is sitting there less” – shared TV presenter in an interview.

We will remind that Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy legalized relationships in 2009. Now they have three sons, the eldest of which already goes to school. As the parents were told, Sasha is growing up to be a very talented child. “He loves reading. For doing this it is possible to catch even at night. If not asleep, then gets up, takes a book from the shelf, turns on the light and begins to read,” – said Dmitry.