Dmitry Breckin doesn’t want to be an actor

Дмитрий Брекоткин не хочет быть актером

The journalists of the newspaper “the Interlocutor” has interviewed the stars of “the Ural pelmeni” Dmitry Bramatkin where he said that the actor is not going to be. Reporters talked with the comedian about the film “Lucky case”, where he plays a character Sting.

Дмитрий Брекоткин не хочет быть актером

In March, the screens out the film Director Romana samgina “Lucky case”, which tells about the guys. In their hands a winning lottery ticket. and with it lots of problems in the form of angry wives. The main roles in the film played KVN team “Uralsky dumplings”, including Breakin. Despite their popularity, the film received negative reviews from critics.

Reporters asked the comedian how he reacted to such responses, to which he replied, glad to have a new experience. “I am pleased that it ever happened. For me it’s prikljucaka, new craft. It’s a different story than our variety show. I will not say that our film for decades, as “the diamond arm”. It turned out what happened.” says the man.

Technical difficulties in the film was not, because it’s a simple Comedy. All it took for the actors to know the text and play myself. “there was a scene where 3-4 pages of text in my dialogs. Usually one or two phrases in the text. Did you say where you want repeated, and in General, everything is quite khalyavnykh. And it had a lot to learn. After all, when there is no text in the head, not able to give the correct intonation and emotion.” says the comedian.

Дмитрий Брекоткин не хочет быть актером

This is not the first acting job of the witted. In 16 years, the man lucky enough to play in the film “Iron field”. “It was an epic story. Our class won the first place in some contest. Soviet youth after all, was a scholarly tion utterly! And here was a film about two war comrades. Well, we marched there the whole class. Shot 25 thousand takes, and the film got about 15 seconds. Then I understood what the cinema: two days removed, and the screen fall a few moments.” Dzmitry recalls about his first experience playing in the film.

While working on one of the movies, dmiri even saved the cat. The animal was imprisoned in the basement, where he asked for help a couple of days. the man took a tool and broke the floor to rescue the cat. Now saved animal lives have Gramercy.

Despite the successful work in films, Breakin not going to connect his life with the actor’s craft. The comedian considers himself lucky, although the lottery has never won the big money. “Well, there, maybe there are more lucky and happy – such as those which happened with our President where to compete in judo or live next door to him. But I’m not complaining.” says Dmitry.