Дмитрий Борисов высказался о работе в «Пусть говорят» Lead, replaced in the popular show of Andrei Malakhov, he shared his first impressions. In the program “Good morning,” the presenter told how it was affected by the new assignment, what stories are touching and why the First channel he considers family.
Дмитрий Борисов высказался о работе в «Пусть говорят»

Last week spectators of the First channel to include in the evening a current-show “Let them talk” for the first time found that Andrey Malakhov. Care of the presenter was, perhaps, the most discussed topic this summer. Place of people’s favorite, took his colleague Dmitry Borisov, which is in the frame now discussing the whole country. In an instant to a 32-year-old journalist was confined the attention of others. Many argue how good he looks in a new place, how to cope with the task of leading show, where the climb up the very difficult topic of human lives. While the public is wondering how successful you can call the personnel changes on the First channel, and is studying an open letter to Andrei Malakhov, himself Borisov shared his impressions from working on a new post. Monday morning newsman became the guest of the program “Good morning”, where he asked about the appointment.

“Unusual, but it’s always a challenge. Each unusual role that we fall, it’s such an experience. Any experience is useful”, – said Dmitry.

Andrey Malakhov: “Natasha is waiting for the firstborn”

Speaking about the increasing interest in his own person, Borisov said that he does not feel major changes in this respect. According to the presenter, he can afford to safely move around the city and not experience the discomfort.

“Its crazy popularity, fortunately, is not felt, because once, – has explained Borisov. – We are constantly recording, ethers, work so much that it is impossible to think about this. Moreover, I TV 12. I think I will not change anything”.

Viewers are accustomed to seeing Borisov as the leading news, where he talked about the main events of the day. The confessions of a journalist to adjust to the new format it was not so difficult. On the contrary, it rejoices in the changes that accompany the transition to a new location. “It’s not news. Finally I have someone to talk to in the Studio, – said Dmitry. – Because they always turning to the audience, which, of course, you feel love, you know that they are there, but now a lot of that in the Studio apart from me there are a large number of living people, which have something to discuss, something to talk about”.

Also, the TV journalist managed to dive into topics that come up in new releases “Let them talk” and could not remain indifferent to the protagonists of these stories. On the question of leading the program “Good morning” about whether it has to somehow ignore to avoid the stress, Borisov said confidently that it is an impossible task.

“Yes, it is impossible to disconnect. It’s the stories that touch the soul. If they do not touch, they are not interested – says the man. – Disconnect from them is impossible and, of course, necessary to survive, without it anywhere. But in the news too — there are stories that it is impossible to disconnect you anyway dive”.

Personnel changes on the First channel provoked heated discussions and disputes, how successful was the choice of leadership. Someone decided that Borisov takes his place. Others, on the contrary, actively support it. He convinced newsman: now it all turns out.

Boris korchevnikov congratulated Andrey Malakhov with the purpose to “live”

“I used to pay attention to the opinions of those who I care about and whom I want to be, to navigate. Caring people say that they liked it, that’s great, it’s such a support, – explained Dmitry. – In addition, the First channel is such a big team, a family. And so many nice, good words of encouragement that I hear from colleagues, I haven’t heard of”.

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