Dmitry Borisov publicly appealed to Andrei Malakhov

Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову On the First channel showed the release of “Let them talk” with the new host. The team of one of the most popular shows joined by Dmitry Borisov. The journalist reported that the audience expects a lot of surprises, and congratulated Andrey Malakhov with the upcoming replenishment in the family.
Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

Monday, August 14, the film crew of the program “Let them talk” came back from summer vacation. Next broadcast transmission was dedicated to the “main intrigue of summer”, as reported in a press-service of the First channel. The team of the talk show joined by 31-year-old Dmitry Borisov, the leader of the program “Time” and evening “News”. He invited the audience to recall the era of “Let them talk” with Andrey Malakhov. To this end, in the Studio gathered friends and colleagues of well-known TV presenter, who decided to take a break from work and focus on the family.

Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову“Today you will witness the interchange of the most discussed telementary season. Where is Andrey Malakhov?.. Only one press these days not recorded in the contenders for his place. And because most often in this context, sounded my name, then perhaps this broadcast I will. But we’ll see,” said the journalist.
Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

Singer Philip Kirkorov, friend Andrei Malakhov, is now on tour, so got in touch with the Studio transmission by teleconference. The famous artist scheduled a series of performances in the Crimea. The contractor, which have always supported the presenter, spoke about his “secret” conversation with him in Italy.

“Well, you can discuss with an expert the major social news and life in our country? Well of course madman the transfer of the player Neymar from the team of Barcelona “Paris Saint-Germain” for a record sum of $ 222 million,” – said Kirkorov.

In addition, Philip has noticed that known host – the best godfather in the world. In 2012 he released the air, “Let them talk”, dedicated to the rite, which were the children of well-known artist. The Ordinance was also attended by Lo Alla Pugacheva, Maxim Galkin, Nikolay Baskov, Gennady Khazanov and many other celebrity guests.

In the Studio I came to the conclusion that not only is Philip confides his secrets to Andrey Malakhov. At different times in the air, “Let them say” there were heroes who were not afraid to share their stories. Very often in the transfer did a genetic test that shed light on the degree of relationship between different people. “At some point, DNA testing has become the main pastime of the country”, – said Borisov.

In turn, Dmitry Shepelev responded to rumors that his team show “actually” occupied the pavilion, which remove the “Let them talk”. The host has made it clear that his laugh is similar to the speculation of the public.

Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову“My Studio – neighbor, behind the wall. And it’s a very pleasant neighborhood, because we get neighbors not only in size, but also on the TV grid. We should visit each other’s houses and borrow sugar. And then there are the scandals,” commented Shepelev.
Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

“Crystal boy” Alexander Pushkarev spoke about how his life changed after the broadcast of “Let them talk”. Twenty years the mother could not cope with alcohol dependence. “We rarely see each other, but in touch. She doesn’t drink for three years, even he never gives up. For me it is a great happiness. Now she got a job,” – said Pushkarev.

Among those who have thanked Andrey Malakhov and his colleagues, has also been found Eugene Kurdyumova. Thanks to the program “Let speak” the woman lost 80 pounds. “First of all I changed my diet thanks to Mikhail Alekseevich Gavrilov. We lose weight with him for two years. I do sports, I go to the track at around 5:30 in the morning. Plus diet, vitamins…” – said the heroine of one of the shows, adding that they have not yet reached your ideal weight.

Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

Speaking about his colleague, presenter Dmitry Borisov revealed his secret. Andrey Malakhov was friends with Lyudmila Gurchenko and tried to support his family. After the death of the famous actress and singer he hired her granddaughter Elena Queen. She worked as personal assistant to Andrei Malakhov. According to the administrator of the presenter, with him comfortable enough to work.

“I wasn’t scared because grandma is the star of the same magnitude. In some moments it’s hard for me to work with him, but I am grateful of the situation. He is very good…” – said the woman.
Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

Of course, in the air, “Let them say” could not return to one of the most discussed topics raised in the TV show. Once model Anna Kalashnikov had an affair with Prokhor Chaliapin, returning with a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina. Now women have forgotten about the feud. “Your story – it’s an absolute Santa Barbara our television… I know this series was a favorite show of Dmitry Dibrova” – said Borisov.

The other star of the First channel Dmitry Nagiyev – recorded a video message to the former master “Let them talk”, which showed in the program.

Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову“Andrey Malakhov went with the First one. But what, he flew away, but promised to return. Cute, cute… As my grandfather said: “a Balance with the First, the second is not a sentence.” So will the same to kink, only slightly more expensive and sadder. So good luck, Andrew. Remember, mourn, thank God. Yes, who has not noticed in the General bustle, we are still left Oleshko. Sasha, happily. Yes you will NTV feed”, – ironically said the showman.
Дмитрий Борисов публично обратился к Андрею Малахову

In the final show of Dmitry Borisov announced new releases “Let them talk”. Journalist focused attention on the fact that I worked a lot with Andrey Malakhov, and congratulated the host with a pending addition to the family. Kind words good friend also said Philip. Borisov thanked the singer and said goodbye to the audience. Andrey Malakhov: “Natasha is waiting for the firstborn”

“Now all wait, I will. There should be interchange. And I can say with all the news of recent days? Given the fact that Andrew is preparing to become a dad that my friend will soon have a child… Andrei, take care of yourself and your loved ones! And the fun we will have tomorrow. Wait”, – said Dmitry.