Дмитрий Борисов узнал у Ксении Собчак о второй беременности Leading took part in a television debate elections, which showed in the First channel. Dmitry Borisov and Marina Kim tried to review Ksenia Sobchak about the data, received wide publicity.
Дмитрий Борисов узнал у Ксении Собчак о второй беременности

In the night from Sunday to Monday in Russia counted the votes. In the First channel of the broadcast information transfer “Russia: choice of the future”, which was attended by the presidential candidates. Ksenia Sobchak appeared before the public in a long red dress with buttons and beige shoes with a low heel.

Leading Dmitry Borisov and Marina Kim came to the party elections, to get her comment about the main events in the country. We are talking about information that is widely discussed in the Network. After Xenia was brought to tears at the debates, some explained her behavior with the planned addition to the family. The media personality herself prefers not to comment on the speculation of the public. In conversation with Kim Borisov and Sobchak has left from the answer to the question about the second pregnancy.

Ksenia Sobchak was brought to tears live

Дмитрий Борисов узнал у Ксении Собчак о второй беременности

“Many have noticed that at the end of the campaign you changed the style of clothing. Even suggested that you are pregnant. Is that true?” – addressed to Ksenia Marina. “Well, we have all the same political program, let’s discuss politics”, – said Sobchak. In turn, Dmitry Borisov noticed that the viewers would be interested to know the answer to this question. When talking about the pregnancy Xenia around her and leading gathered a large number of people. But Sobchak did not deny or confirm speculation about a planned addition to the family. She chose to thank Borisov and Kim, and then left.

Earlier, the representative of Ksenia Sobchak commented on the data, received wide publicity. The press Secretary of the star Ksenia Chudinova said that the headquarters of the presenter “deeply hostile” attitude to the Telegram channel, which gave information about pregnancy candidate. An employee of the celebrity emphasized that this resource is “completely disavowed” during the electoral campaign.

Fans of Ksenia Sobchak is necessary to guess only, how true are the rumors that she is expecting her second child. It should be noted that when the presenter was preparing for the birth of Plato, it also chose not to respond to such calls. After the baby was born, she said that in the future is not going to give comments in this occasion and to allow to disclose information about your condition.