Дмитрий и Полина Дибровы посвятили младшего ребенка в казаки  The kid was a traditional rite. Star parents took the baby to the river don, where he became acquainted with the ancient culture. Dmitry and Proline Dibrovy carried out the same procedure and with the older sons.

      Dmitry Dibrov and his wife Pauline, both originally from Rostov-on-don. Celebrities are very proud of their origins. Whenever possible, the family moved to his native land to see family and friends. In addition, the couple honors the ancient traditions. Therefore, all my sons stars bring on the dawn for initiation into the Cossacks.

      Usually Dmitry chooses for important family events of mid-August to combine the ritual with the celebration of the birthday of the mother of the lead Tatiana Valentinovna. No exception this year. The parents brought in the basics of little Elijah, who in may turned one year old. Like his older brothers, Alexander and Fedor, the boy was the rite of initiation into the Cossacks.

      The wife of Dmitry posted several photos of happy events. The photographs in the collection of the whole family. Children, like grown men in caps were the Cossacks, and Polina herself – a charming long dress lavender color.

      Dmitry Dibrov dubbed the youngest son of Ilya

      Interestingly, Dibrov was personally present at the dedication of the younger son in the Cossacks, he was standing in a Cossack cap and watched the process. Big brothers Elijah in this time were on the shore and from there supported the boy. At the time Sasha and Fedya, too, held a similar ritual. In honor of the momentous event, the baby got the icon of the Mother of God and shaped cap.

      “Pauline, we believe that produce the light color and the banner of the don region, although it occurs in Moscow. When we Fedya was represented by don, the Cossacks said: “the don-father seems to don Cossack Fedir Dibrova, born in exile”. But he was baptized in the Orthodox rite, the unborn baby is also going to baptize and to stop there is not collected. Need to produce as many healthy, beautiful, smart and happy children!” – said shortly before the birth of the son of Ilya Dmitry.

      We will remind, Ilya Dibrov was born in may of last year. The baby was born big – a growth of 52 centimeters and a weight of 4 kilograms. While Dmitry became a father for the fifth time. From previous marriages he has a 30-year-old son Denis and 25-year-old daughter Lada, and from his marriage with Pauline, two sons, Feodor and Alexander.

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