Dmitriy Nagiev works hard for his beloved

Дмитрий Нагиев работает на износ ради любимой The artist has a very busy schedule of filming. According to Dmitry Nagiyev, he barely has time to relax at home, because after one project, the actor takes up another. The movie star admits he was ready to work around the clock in order to make his fiancee happy.

      On the eve of the premiere of the film “Kitchen. The last battle”, where one of the main roles was played by Dmitry Nagiyev. The actor personally appeared at the premiere of the picture, and instantly attracted the attention of photographers. The interest of journalists warmed Olga Buzova, which ran to the movie star and kissed him in front of everyone. The presenter noted that they could not miss the presentation of pictures of the other. Olga Buzova gave Dmitry Nagiyev a passionate kiss

      “Arrived at the premiere of the film “Kitchen” to congratulate Dima with the premiere so loved by the viewers of history” – wrote in His microblog, put up a video from the red carpet.

      As noted by the fans Nagiyev, he looked a little tired. The man hid his eyes behind the glasses sunglasses. The actor admits that sometimes he didn’t have time to rest with family, because he is always busy on set. According to the actor, his workaholism is a necessary measure. During the week Nagiyev planning your leisure time on the weekend.

      Dmitriy Nagiev never talks about his beloved woman, calls her name, however, in the interview, the actor hints that his heart is occupied.

      “I am pleased from the set to see that relatives and friends do not need. Figuratively speaking, my woman to new things and a good smelling perfume is much more valuable than words haters: “Why he is again shooting a commercial or a movie?” To me these words don’t care,” said Nagiyev.

      The star of the series acknowledged that the work steals from him the time that he could spend with your loved ones. When Joe is on tour, he tries to keep in touch with friends through messengers and social networks. “But no gifts or text messages can’t replace a joint trip when the two gently hold hands”, – the actor explained to the magazine “Antenna-Telesem”.

      Recall that Nagiyev told earlier that he is willing to do anything for loved ones, but truly a family man and did not. The actor claims that his passport has no stamp of marriage.