Dmitriy Nagiev was injured during the play

Дмитрий Нагиев получил травму во время спектакля
The actor commented on the incident.

Дмитрий Нагиев получил травму во время спектакля

Dmitriy Nagiev

Dmitriy Nagiev has suffered during the performance “Kysya»,
which was held at the drama theatre in Svetlogorsk
Kaliningrad region. The paramedics gave him the necessary
assistance at the scene. The injury was not too serious. Physicians
diagnosed the actor abrasion and contusion of the right lower leg. Paramedic Oksana told about
meeting with the artist edition of “Klops”.

“At the end of the play
I was approached by security and escorted me to the dressing room, —
commented the medic. — I examined the wound and treated it
her and gave her recommendations: keep the leg at rest, and if you will
pain — to show your doctor at the place of residence”. According to the actor,
it was working time. At the end of the performance he badly stepped on
scenery that collapsed under foot. “In General, normal. Limp,
but crawl, — summed up artist.

It is worth noting that, despite the pain in his leg, the actor to
completion of theatrical activity did not show the form that feels very unpleasant.
He took his bow to the audience, took from the grateful fans of flowers, and
going backstage, told staff that needs medical attention. Curiously,
that this is not the first “adventure” celebrities associated with the show in Svetlogorsk. The performance was held on 26 January, but
the airport in Kaliningrad from-for weather conditions did not take the aircraft, and artists
failed to arrive in the city at the required date. As a result, “Kysya” was
transferred on 1 February when the incident occurred with Nagiyev.

Dmitriy Nagiev