Dmitriy Nagiev understand the meaning of life through the child

Дмитрий Нагиев понял смысл жизни благодаря ребенку The words the kid was touched by a famous TV host. Dmitriy Nagiev is headed by the Fund “Anna”, which provides assistance to children. One of the wards of the organization has changed the life of a showman.

      Дмитрий Нагиев понял смысл жизни благодаря ребенку

      Dmitriy Nagiev does not advertise this fact, but it is not the first year is the Chairman of the charity Fund “Anna”. The organization provides assistance to children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, children with physical and mental disabilities, orphans. The presenter believes that it is very important in life, to be needed, especially if the care and support children need.

      A conversation with one of the Foundation’s forever changed the life Nagiyev. If the entertainer likes to joke, in reality, it would seem that a simple conversation with a child led him to deep thoughts.

      “Three years ago I headed a charity Fund “Anna”, – says Dmitry. – From the moment I occasionally come into contact with sick children. And this communication helped me to descend from heaven to earth. One day I was talking to a child, I asked him how he lives, what he thinks. And the kid said that every morning he starts with joy. “And what are you so happy?” I asked him what this child looked at me with a blank stare and then I received an unexpected response for me. “I am glad I woke up and I’m alive,” said the kid. And, you know, after this conversation, I realized that my problem was complete bullshit. I am grateful to the boy who taught me to enjoy life and not afraid of the word, helped to understand its main meaning”.

      By the way, the generosity and thoughtfulness Dmitry instilled in his youth by his mother. Unfortunately, Ludmila Z. passed away in October last year. However, he still remembered her parting words. “I was 17 years old when mom said, “First make sure the person who next to you was well — in communication, in bed, everywhere. And then think about yourself.” And I try to follow. The same good advice were at work. I pretended that I do not care, but then, realizing that she’s right,” says Naghiyev.

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