Dmitriy Nagiev on the controversial write about women: “I this masterpiece did not write”

Дмитрий Нагиев о скандальной записи про женщин: «Я этот шедевр не писал» The actor clarified the situation with walking across the Network post, written on his behalf. Dmitriy Nagiev explained, where did the lines, reading that hundreds of thousands of people put likes. Artist sure all phrases used in this recording have been taken out of many of his interviews.

      “Women pity? Women do not mind! Dmitriy Nagiev on how not to raise a son rag” – a post with such a loud title actively recruiting “likes” this week. The revelations, supposedly written by a TV presenter about the mistakes made by the fairer sex in the education of their children, blew up the Internet. Line, in which the author spoke rather sharply about modern women, every hour was gaining more and more likes and make readers crack up Nagiyev.

      “Women bring up their sons as girls, were listed in the text. – Lisp them up to the school, hysterical from any fall and bruise or (God forbid, Kyrychenko immediately get off!!!) attempt to climb wall bars above the third step, put on their pants-shorts of up to five years and fed with a spoon. The result is natural: naughty sex boys with sagging Breasts in kadimah with leatherette bag Adidas shoulder, dreaming only about how their “ancestors” have accumulated the money to buy the Commissar… Yes, mommy. At the age of three your son or man, either he starts gender of curvature. And the longer you communicate with him if not with the man, the deeper will be pounding his masculinity. And any suppressed and not properly developed then the male instincts will manifest in a perverted form: aggression, perversion, hatred or total disregard for the female sex, etc.”

      Many who read the post agreed that Nagiyev certainly need to become a columnist for some glossy magazine or even a writer. But as it turned out, the laurels of the Creator before went to Dmitry, because the author is so suitable to a wide audience of post – it’s not.

      “I didn’t write it. Someone, nadergano my quotes from the interview in different years, made the masterpiece” – said the presenter “StarHit”.

      However, the celebrity, who always had the ability to beautifully and with humor to Express thoughts, really cost nothing to become a writer, because at least four million people would have bought his book – that’s the number of subscribers every day, look in the “Instagram” Nagiyev. Besides, the shooting of the project “the Voice” fixed lead which is Dmitry, ended more than a month ago and today, the star is resting – at the moment the actor travels to Ireland.