Dmitriy Nagiev miraculously escaped the crash

Дмитрий Нагиев чудом избежал авиакатастрофы The artist had to climb the mountain by helicopter. But on the eve of the Board of the same company crashed in the afternoon. Then the crash killed two people. “StarHit” learned how the shooting took place Dmitry Nagiyev for one of the commercials in Sochi.

      Дмитрий Нагиев чудом избежал авиакатастрофы

      Recently the host of “the Voice” has arrived at the Sochi resort “Rosa Khutor” to take part in a Christmas promotional video of one of the largest mobile operators. “On arrival Nagieva on a specially chartered helicopter had to lift in the mountains – says “StarHit” employee of the airport. But on the eve of the Board of this company, “Eltsovka”, crashed in the afternoon. It is possible that this helicopter had to transport Dmitry”. From the helicopter decided to give up, the organizers took the actor on the car.

      “The fee of Dmitry for two years amounted to 9 million rubles,” – shared with “StarHit” to the actor.

      The plot Nagiyev was filmed at the height of more than 2 thousand meters in locations with beautiful views of the Caucasus mountains, in one scene he’s chasing the horse for Santa Claus. Despite the title of the rating of the presenter, Ryder showman modest. It includes flights for Dmitri and his attendant “Aeroflot” and VIP passes at all airports. Also clarifies that from the shots that need to fly more than 5 hours. in advance refuse.

      Showman requires the “Suite” in a five-star hotel, three meals and a luxury car not older than 2013 model year with the “smokers” area. In the premiere, which is essential to the artist at the time of filming, should be bed, air conditioning, wardrobe, full length mirror, towels, tea, coffee, meat and vegetable slicing, and fruit. Instead of shootings Nagiyev, however, had to settle for a VIP tent Hiking conditions.