Dmitriy Nagiev has explained why he has no family

Дмитрий Нагиев объяснил, почему у него нет семьи Showman has commented on the rumors about his personal life. Dmitry Nagiyev told that he lived alone. According to the actor, he was never able to fully understand their relationships with women.

      Personal life of actor Dmitry Nagiyev is shrouded in mystery. The man never talked about his family relations, so fans were wondering if freely the heart of the artist. It is known that the star of the series “the Teacher” has a grown son Cyril, born in marriage with Alice cher.

      Dmitriy Nagiev regrets the errors in the marriage

      Harvey admits that in his youth, knew nothing about women, therefore, sometimes made rash decisions and behaved illogically in some situations.

      “Now, to his elderly years (when the horse is already dead, and I’m still standing at the fork and not know which way to go), I can say that I don’t know shit and don’t understand. And that’s the phrase that “women’s logic is like the male, only a raccoon”, she’s right. It has a place to exist”, – explained Dmitry.

      To speak openly about the personal life of the actor does not like. In conversations with journalists celebrity tries to joke about his status. The movie star is often attributed to novels with a partner for shooting, however, such assumptions are usually not confirmed.

      “Rumors are rumors. You might not see me on the cover with the family because I’m not married? Simply ask: “Dima, let me see your passport.” And it turns out that my passport is pristine. And from all the rumors will collapse,” said Nagiyev.

      According to the actor, he is not afraid to play comical characters in the movie, but in real life he wants to be serious to its not perceived as a buffoon. Nagiev, who has worked for many years in Comedy, still doesn’t understand why people sometimes laugh at his remarks.

      “Joke and see how near the stage behind the scenes are about ordinary people and famous artists, just to see, to laugh. And in another moment you understand that, except for the wind, in my head I have nothing. Why it happened – like and slept, and ate, and intestinal peristalsis good. It is not clear. Don’t know what determines humor… and not I’m interested, I care more about my fate and that of my family and friends,” – said Dmitry in an interview with