Dmitriy Nagiev has admitted that he “borrowed” it without asking my brother

Дмитрий Нагиев признался в том, что он «позаимствовал» без спроса у брата
TNT will reveal all the secrets of the series “Fizruk”.

Dmitry Nagiyev in the role of Thomas

Photo: Press service of TNT

The contractor
the role of the teacher in the same series on TNT Dmitry Nagiyev for the first time in detail and openly
tell us about your relationship to the partners on the ground, filming sex scenes and
personality of the main character Thomas.

“I have with Thomas a lot in common: loving, honesty, honesty —
says Naghiyev. — I think I at least did not spoil its appearance
material. Thomas — is a collective image, interest, probably, forty,
consisting of my brother.”

Actors Sophia
Reisman, Daniel Vakhrushev, Polina grents, Vladimir Sychev and people’s artist of Russia
Viktor Sukhorukov will tell you how Nagiyev split them in the frame, will come up with
the alternate ending of “Teacher” and speculate about the secrets of the success of the popular

The author of the idea and
producer Anton Schukin will tell, who became the prototype of Thomas, explain why
along with professional actors participated in the series lovers and why
the fourth season, except for Thomas, there was not one of the old hero.

The film is about
how was filming the series “Teacher”, will be shown on TNT tonight.