Дмитрий Нагиев отпустил бороду
The showman took a cue from his 27-year-old son.

Дмитрий Нагиев отпустил бороду

Dmitriy Nagiev

Photo: Instagram Dmitry Nagiyev

Kirill Nagiev

Photo: Instagram Kirill Nagiev

Experiments with the appearance of Dmitry Nagiyev — the usual
the case, from the time of filming the Comedy show “Caution, Zadov!” But over the last
years fans accustomed to the brutal image of the showman, which he invented himself
and for everyday life, and numerous TV projects.

Therefore, when Nagiyev appeared bushy beard,
then Dmitri was almost not recognizable. More precisely, he became the image of his son
Kirill, who for many years had a beard.

Of course, the beard
came Nagiyev not overnight. Most likely, another role. But it is for
it will be a good experience to understand what it feels 27-year-old son, whose face already
for many years hidden behind a thick beard. Dmitry because he allows himself only a week