Dmitriy Nagiev finds it perfectly normal craving for luxury

Дмитрий Нагиев считает вполне нормальным явлением тягу к роскоши

Everyone knows that Dmitry Nagiev is working almost seven days a week. Actor and broadcaster involved in several projects that take up all his time. Of course, for permanent employment and demand Nagiev gets good fees. The Network was even the most wealthy of Russian stars in which Dmitry took the last place.

This topic Nagiyev chose to ignore, but noted that money is very important to him: “Because I grew up in absolute, abject poverty, I always wanted to be rich. Afraid of being branded the king of platitudes, but money is important. When we put on the thing-a replica and not the original, or do not live exactly where you want – it kills dignity. I dream that in my life as much as possible “under-“. Once I had the most expensive car in my entire life – “Charade” (Charade Daihatsu. – Approx. ed). Not much is invested in it, never knew, will start in the morning or not! Today can ride pretty decent, and sometimes even a luxury car, if not to take into account the driver that the gasket between the steering wheel and seat, which spoils the atmosphere and appearance of the salon”.

However, if Dmitri did not earn, he admits that “money does not see.” They very quickly spent on daily needs. Harvey admitted that not poor, but many things still can not afford.