Дмитрий Нагиев расплакался как ребенок
Cannes film festival Russian pavilion was represented by the film sarika Andreasian “Unforgiven”, where the main role was played by Dmitry Nagiyev.

Дмитрий Нагиев расплакался как ребенок

The actor also flew to Cannes, finding time in his busy schedule. Speaking with journalists, Dmitry said that the script of the film impressed him greatly that he couldn’t even contain his emotions.

Дмитрий Нагиев расплакался как ребенок

“This is a rare case when the material is strong at the level of written work. Because very often, the filmmakers sent the script and say, well, here we are, probably, slightly will change. What I read in “Unforgiven,” there was nothing to change. It was a deep, scary piece that has unsettled me for a few days. I tell the truth, I actually unsubscribed to him in the third hour of the night that I read that I cried. Maybe because I’m an old, sentimental man already, and maybe it really was so much,” admitted Harvey.

Dmitry said that the role in this film was not easy for him, but he coped with the task.

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