Dmitriy Nagiev congratulated Polina Gagarina birth of a child

Дмитрий Нагиев поздравил Полину Гагарину с рождением ребенка The singer became a mother for the second time. Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov celebrate the new addition to the family. For a long time, the singer preferred to keep secret details of his personal life and did not advertise the pregnancy.

Today it became known that the singer Polina Gagarina became a mother for the second time. The actress gave her husband, the photographer Dmitry ishakova, adorable kid. The information that the actress gave birth to a child, appeared on the news the day before. But Polina herself did not comment joyful event. News about replenishment in star family confirmed Dmitry Nagiyev. The TV host congratulated Polina Gagarina with a newborn live show “the Voice. Children”, which goes on the First channel in these minutes.

The happy parents celebrate the birth of a baby and accept numerous congratulations from friends and relatives. Aficionados Polina Gagarina leave her comments in the social networks in which they want the child to grow healthy and strong, to the delight of his parents.

“Alina Sansyzbay! Room for vote — 06. Quiet, please. We noticed that Alina sang the song Polina Gagarina we congratulations on the birth of a child… Dear Jane, history. All of the mentors who sat in this chair, we went straight to the hospital. For example, I’m afraid to sit down,” said presenter Dmitry Nagiyev in the program “the Voice. Children.”

From the beginning of pregnancy, the singer preferred not to publicize information about the new addition to the family. After a number of publications, there is evidence that the singer is preparing once again to become a mother, the press service star issued an official statement. Representatives Polina asked the public to respect her privacy and was assured that the concerts of the artist will be held according to plan. “Pauline continues working in the normal mode, in accordance with the planned and previously approved schedule. For reliable news related to the singer, we recommend you to refer only to official sources… Such publications cause unnecessary excitement, causing discomfort and inconvenience. Thank you for your attention and hope for understanding from partners and the media”, — stated in the message, which appeared on the official website Gagarina in Instagram.

Fans Paulina understood her choice not to share details of his personal life with the public. They found that the female herself will tell everything, if I need to. In addition, fans of the star wished her further success in the field of music. “Pauline, your son is so playful and charming, and his siblings are the same. Now they are born or later – this only applies to you and your family. Continue to delight us with their creativity,” wrote one of podeschi celebrity.

Only after changing the shape of the stars became impossible to hide under bulky clothes, the public realized that Polina Gagarina and her husband Dmitry Iskhakov do plan to become parents a second time. Spouses preferred not to comment about the second baby, believing that happiness loves silence.

Recall that the singer and her choice also brought up a charming nine-year-old Andrew. The boy grows very artistic and musically gifted. The singer shares the child’s progress in social networks.