Дмитрий Нагиев завещал свое тело науке

The actor and showman Dmitry Nagiyev earned the title of sex symbol. On his page in Instagram the star of the series “Two fathers and two sons” sometimes publishes photos and videos that can not attract and fascinate thanks to a well-groomed appearance and patanatomy the body of the artist.

To achieve this appearance Nagiyev spends a lot of energy, spending in the gym for several hours. One of the last campaigns of Dmitry in “rocking chair” ended with a video of the star, where he announced that he bequeaths his body to science. Apparently, the training was not easy, since Nagiev thinking about the other world.

However, fans were reassured of his idol, assuring that he live for a long time.

We will note that Dmitry likes to shock followers, if not in some statements, it is very unusual photos. For example, recently the actor was amused by the subscribers in the denim microsort.

“In girls’ shorts – a real man!”, Shorts – fire!” “Shorts like a five year old boy, and myself are already on the nose 50. Don’t be ashamed!” “Oh, Dimitri. Love You, my dear, to apatiniai! Well, what is that yellow stain on the fly?” – posted by fans of the actor in the comments.

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