Дмитрий Тарасов не может продать квартиру, где жил с Бузовой
The player makes every effort to provide for his family.

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

Dmitry Tarasov continues a series of troubles. Deprived
work, the player tries to make his wife Anastasia Kostenko, which will soon become a mother, nothing is needed. It is only for deliveries at the elite clinic in Lapino, which is going to give birth to Anastasia, you will have to pay more than a million rubles. Athlete
losing a place in the team “Lokomotiv” agreed that at some time it will be enough
the money raised from the sale of a luxury apartment where he lived with Buzova.

unfortunately it is only plans, as the property Dmitry can not sell
for eight months. The original price of 70 million rubles for a four
apartment located in the heart of the metro “Troparevo”, potential buyers
seemed overpriced. Tarasov now lowered the price to 65 million.

Such price is based on the copyrighted disarm and the
the apartment is fully furnished with expensive furniture from elite European
brands. The future lucky owner will get a bedroom with an attached
walk-in closet and spacious bathroom, kitchen with integrated appliances luxury
combined with living room, kids room, study room and a spacious loggia. Quite
it is possible that selling real estate will help Tarasov to settle in a new
the place where the player plans to move, if the football club “Rostov”
will sign a contract with him.