Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova, first performed on the stage

Сын Дмитрия Певцова и Ольги Дроздовой впервые выступил на сцене Ten-year-old Elisha won the audience by playing the piano. Son Pevtsov and Drozdova went on the stage in the Georgian capital Tbilisi. Star parents wanted to understand whether their successor to hold the attention of thousands of audience.
Сын Дмитрия Певцова и Ольги Дроздовой впервые выступил на сцене

Ten-year-old son of actor couple, Dmitry Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova on a grander stage. The boy performed on the stage of drama theatre in Tbilisi. And introduced the young pianist to his famous father. “The piano is invited Elisha Singers”, – announced Dmitry Pevtsov.

The performance of the young pianist, who performed a composition by Alexander Goedicke, conquered space. Elisha Pevtsova applauded, and his father did not hide that he was flattered to share the glory with the heir. He brought on his son on stage for the first time in Tbilisi for two reasons – first, here come the parents of Dmitri Pevtsov. And secondly, speaking boy in Moscow, this is instantly trumpeted in all the papers. The actor, as we know, does not like when his family Express their interest. And then, the Singers are not planning to indulge his parental ego. He just wanted his son felt: what is it like to hold strong audience.

“I was a little worried,” – said after the speech the program “You wouldn’t believe!” NTV Elisha Singers.
Сын Дмитрия Певцова и Ольги Дроздовой впервые выступил на сцене

Solo room boy coped brilliantly. But it’s unclear whether the music business his whole life.

“Now let’s plays, but we’ll see, says the mother of Elisha Olga Drozdova. – Maybe, nature will win. God willing, it will be. Importantly, he is a good man, rose.”

Elisha Singers goes almost for all performances with the participation of their stellar parents, and sometimes even gives them wise advice. As for my favorite performances of the boy, according to his confession, this is rock-Opera “Juno and Avos”.

The first on the scene Elisha Singers came out when he was only seven years old. It happened at the time of awarding the prize “Own track”, which is held every January in memory of Vladimir Vysotsky. Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova has performed the song, and beside them stood their son. The excitement that has enveloped the boy in connection with the appearance on the stage, it was hard not to notice, but the parents of Elisha has done everything possible to make him feel as comfortable as possible. So the child held the hands of both parents, even when Dimitri tried to give him the opportunity to sing a few lyrics into the microphone.