Dmitri Hvorostovsky was buried beside Feodor Chaliapin

Дмитрия Хворостовского похоронили рядом с Федором Шаляпиным
Close to the legendary artist sang his last will.

In Moscow
funeral of Dmitri Hvorostovsky. The ashes of Opera singer was buried at
Novodevichy cemetery near his idol, the legendary artist Fedor
Shaliapin. Prior to this, in the Concert hall of Tchaikovsky has passed a civil
a memorial service for the deceased. The Manager of the funeral ceremony read out a telegram from
words of condolences from Svetlana Medvedeva. Then family and friends “Siberian
legends” were to go on stage to recall vivid episodes from the life of
Opera singer or just to say a few warm words.

Resignation of 55-year-old Dmitry Alexandrovich
grieve and members of his extended family, and fans, and colleagues, who had
the honour to work with him. Igor Krutoy,
a close family friend, said that he admired the willpower of the artist. That
Hvorostovsky brain cancer became known in the summer of 2015. Starting
treatment, he temporarily interrupted his career. In the fall of 2016 Dmitry Aleksandrovich
appeared on the stage of the New wave. Steep remembered how persuaded the artist
to return to performances.

“I last New wave of forced to come.
I and so, and syak, and he told me: “I Have no strength…” I say: “Dima, we’re going, I
such an important concert!” And he said, “Well, well! Just let me sing seven
compositions and five!” — quoted Igor Krutoy “You wouldn’t believe.” When he
went to sound in America, doctors gave him 18 months of life. He survived this
the date for the year. Last time we talked on his birthday, October 16.
He was already very weak, of course, he changed voice and speech, it is possible

The memorial service lasted about two hours, after which the coffin was taken to the cemetery, where the cremation took place. Then the ashes were divided into two parts and buried the first box. Bequest
an Opera singer, a second urn containing part of the ashes will take to bury in the Homeland of Hvorostovsky in Krasnoyarsk.