Dmitri Hvorostovsky was back in the hospital

Дмитрий Хворостовский снова попал в больницу The actor was injured on may 27 in St. Petersburg in the fall. A day later his condition worsened, causing Dmitri Hvorostovsky decided to go to one of the best hospitals of the capital.
Дмитрий Хворостовский снова попал в больницу

Last Saturday, the Opera singer performed a concert in St. Petersburg. According to press reports, it was there that Dmitry fell, resulting in a dislocated shoulder. The injury didn’t bother the artist during the day, but gradually the pain became stronger. In this regard, he had to go to a clinic in Moscow.

According to eyewitnesses, Dmitri arrived at the hospital not one, but accompanied by lawyer Pavel Astakhov. The doctors rushed to explore the famous patient, and then gave him fixing the bandage. Due to the fact that the injury was not serious, the actor immediately sent home. While it is unknown for what reasons has fallen artist. Quite possibly, it is only unfortunate coincidence. However, the incident became a cause for concern many fans of the stars.

Now the Opera singer actively performs not only in Russia but also in Europe. He recently attended a performance of Anna Netrebko and her husband in Toronto. The famous Opera diva singer friends for a long time, together they have sung on stage.

Дмитрий Хворостовский снова попал в больницу

This work activity is a concern to many fans Hvorostovsky, because in 2015 he put a disappointing diagnosis – a brain tumor. Sad news about the state of his health Dmitry Alexandrovich told himself through his official website. Then one of the best baritones of the world decided to undergo treatment in the British cancer hospital “Royal Marsden” located in London. However, after 3 months Hvorostovsky triumphantly returned to the stage, proving that even a brain tumor will not be a hindrance to his creative genius. The artist continues to struggle with a terrible disease, but to win it is not yet possible.

Because intensive care, Dmitry Alexandrovich in the past had to cancel the concerts, but fans of the singer are always sympathetic to that. The last time he was hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia at the end of 2016. It is unknown whether Hvorostovsky to cancel scheduled appearances due to a shoulder injury. However, most likely this will not happen, because, as it became known edition of Life, the dislocation obtained by the singer, has not caused serious concern among physicians.