Dmitri Hvorostovsky openly talked about his health

Дмитрий Хворостовский откровенно рассказал о своём самочувствии

Famous Russian Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky, who for several years struggling with cancer, spoke openly about their health and wellbeing. Despite the deterioration of health and pain, Mr, overcoming himself, is to the viewer.

Now basically Dmitri lives in London, but recently arrived in Moscow and went to the doctors to investigate the injury. Then the media got nervous and trumpeted hospitalization Hvorostovskogo. Actually nothing extraordinary happened. n simply fell during a performance in St. Petersburg and injured my shoulder. Now the next two months he will have to wear a patch.
“In Moscow we stopped in the Sklifosovsky Institute to do x-rays but did not cross the threshold of the hospital, as I call Pavel Astakhov and wondered what had happened to me, because all over the news trumpeted that I was hospitalized,” — laughs Dmitry.
Hvorostovsky suspects that someone from the medical institutions cooperating with the media, forgetting about the medical and human ethics.
“What is ethics! They made me study head without my consent. Ask: “Why?” “We are interested” – answer… And I fled from there quickly. Will to move, to do, and a few days later my arm will operate. Everything will be fine” — said the indignant singer.
In December 2016 due to pneumonia Dmitry had to cancel the tour. The consequences of the illness, he feels so far. His condition was so deplorable that it is strictly prohibited to visit him and friends, and even parents. Didn’t want to be seen like this. The only one who went to him constantly and his wife Florence.
“I already give concerts, but the recovery process after this story is not over yet. This inflammation “killed” my lungs. I need to be patient for a few months,” said Hvorostovsky.
Tour the home Hvorostovsky very happy. For him, a great joy to return to the stage. Before he moved in a wheelchair, now can cope without it.
“Recovery depends primarily on a positive attitude and willingness to fight every day through the pain, laziness and anything else! If it is not to force, the disease will defeat you. It is necessary every day, every hour to pull myself in all possible ways: exercises, children, smiles, love, – says Dmitry. And grumble a little also not forbidden”