Дмитрий Хворостовский меняет рабочий график из-за опухоли The world-famous Opera singer appealed to his fans. Dmitri Hvorostovsky said that now he will have more time to take care of your health. Admirers of his talent are sensitive to the situation in the artist’s life.

      Дмитрий Хворостовский меняет рабочий график из-за опухоли

      Not so long ago it became known that the Opera singer Dmitri Hvorostovsky will appear at the premiere of “don Carlos” at the Bolshoi theatre. As it turned out, now the artist will have to cancel several of its performances. From the struggle with a brain tumor he disturbed coordination. That is why he will not be able to take part in some Opera productions, where you need to actively move around the stage. Dmitry appealed to all his fans who wanted to attend his speech, and announced that it would not be in the declared performances.

      “All my friends, fans and colleagues. Unfortunately, I can’t appear in Opera performances in the foreseeable future. I am having problems with coordination in connection with my illness, which makes it extremely difficult performance in productions. I will continue to speak and to give recitals and to enroll in the Studio. Singing is my life and I want to continue to bring joy to people all over the world. This pause in my Opera career will give you the opportunity to rest more. I hope I’ll have more time to focus on your health and treatment. Thank you for your love, messages and good wishes. I feel your support and it means a lot to me,” wrote Mr. Hvorostovsky in the social network.
      Дмитрий Хворостовский меняет рабочий график из-за опухоли

      Opera singer emphasized that he still can please the audience with their singing, and, therefore, his coming performances that were planned in Moscow and St.-Petersburg will not be cancelled. Fans understand the state of health of the actor and wish him a speedy recovery.

      Small children Hvorostovsky don’t know about his illness

      “Dmitri and Florence, hold on, dear! We will be praying for you in these wonderful days before Christmas! To Dmitry completed a course of treatment and gain strength! Good luck to you! Health and strength! Love you and appreciate your talent!”, “Dear Florence, good health to your husband strength and patience to you both! Everything will be fine, the main thing is not give up! It’s wonderful that he decided to make a pause in performances and to devote that time to treatment and rest he needs now to restore strength, health is all that matters. The main thing to get from this abyss, and then he will make it up, he’s strong, he’s able – with your loving support. Everything will be fine, you’ll see!” – supported Hvorostovsky and his wife were admirers of the artist.

      More than a year Dmitri Hvorostovsky struggling with a terrible disease. To fight the disease, the actor had to undergo chemotherapy. The Opera singer is happy that his side is always his family and close people who instilled in his soul a hope for recovery.