Djigan fulfilled the dream of daughters

Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan with the family flies on vacation in Singapore and Bali

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan showed the children the universal Park in Singapore

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan with my daughters and wife rode on the rides

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan on the background of skyscrapers of Singapore

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan with her daughter Ariely in Singapore

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan admires the sunset in Bali

  • Джиган исполнил мечту дочек

    Djigan daughter show the “V sign”

  • Djigan dives into the waves in Bali

Popular rapper djigan went together with his wife Oksana Samoilova and her two daughters, Ariely and Leia, on an exciting journey. The first stop on the route of the star family has become a city of skyscrapers of Singapore.

The most exciting place, which is not indifferent to the daughters of the stars, was the universal Park, which is considered the Asian rival Disneyland. The rapper showed a photo with kids and a wife on the background of the main entrance to the monastery of entertainment. Fans of the musician said that the youngest daughter Dzhigan Leia was old enough and already she stomps the hand with the parents, and does not go in the stroller.

The other pictures from Singapore rapper showed spectacular views of the skyscrapers and bridges of the capital of the Republic. Presumably, djigan family stayed in an apartment hotel, which was visible from the ocean.

After hectic trips to Singapore, the family flew to Bali to enjoy the warm ocean and wonderful nature of the island. In this region, tourists admire the stunning sunsets and strong waves are popular among surfers. The rapper himself praised the sea height of the ridges. “I’m a fan of the waves from childhood, but such as in Bali, I have never seen”, – he signed under the photo where you can see that the sea covers him nearly head first.

Children Oksana and djigan bathed in the pool of the Villa where the family stayed. One of the photos shows the rapper sign for “Victory” along with Ariely. “It’s great that there’s always next favorite dad”, “Arielka loves, daddy’s girl, and Leah, looks like mom’s favorite”, “What a beautiful and happy” – such nice comments left by subscribers of the musician under the Paradise photo.

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