Djigan and Oksana Samoilova moved to live outside the city

Джиган и Оксана Самойлова переехали жить за город Spouses and children have moved outside of the bustling metropolis and gradually wean from the city. Itself Oksana admitted that not a long time did not dare to move, but managed to overcome itself and to begin a new phase.

      Singer djigan together with his wife Oksana Samoilova and two young daughters moved to live outside the city. Now instead of the usual apartment the family have to go through the whole house. No worries with celebrities have become so much more, but, apparently, they are all happy and ready to return to Moscow. According to Samoilova, primarily when it came to his own house, she thought about children. After all, their health is constantly under threat as a result of bad environment and climate.

      Dzhigan fulfilled the dream of the daughters

      In his microblog star’s Instagram often shares with subscribers his thoughts and trying to tell you about every important event. This time she decided not to hide the fact that she overcame a lot of fears of how their family prepared things to move. Oksana said that her mind was born a lot of questions and doubts, which could at any moment destroy the plans.

      “When we were thinking about moving into the house, I have such fears tormented, a horror. It seemed to me, I’ll be away from civilization, and that all difficult, and selecting schools ,kindergartens, clubs, classes no and how am I going to work every day to ride, and shorter continuous fears,” admitted the shooting on the social network.

      According to young mother, very many are afraid of the unknown and what they can expect outside of urban civilization. For fear of being cut off from the usual amenities, Oksana virtually sounded the alarm. Members noted that much of the experience samoylovoy involve children and their leisure. Netizens said that not every parent would be, first and foremost, think about how would feel children in an unfamiliar environment.

      To help the followers in a similar problem, Oksana asked them to share their experiences, to tell your own story or ask a question she could answer. It seems that the move is a serious topic for discussion not only for those who already did it, but still going. Most members praised the family of Djigan and Oksana and I noticed that recently many celebrities prefer to live in the house. This trend, according to commentators, should take note and follow the example of their idols, if possible.

      “You did well, did everything right! nothing to live in a dusty and noisy city! Children should grow in harmony”, “I would never have decided to move out of town. Not mine it somehow, but I admire those who it does” “I am very happy for you! Your family is a role model for me. So take care of yourself and children. Can’t get enough of your move! It is the right decision,” wrote netizens in microblog celebrities.