DJ Tiesto will marry model two times younger than them

Диджей Тиесто возьмет в жены модель в два раза моложе себя

48-year-old Dutch DJ Tiesto (Dj Tiesto) decided to marry the model is two times younger than herself. The musician announced his engagement to model Annika Backes in indarama, holding a romantic photo with the beloved.

“I’m going to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life” — signed photo of Tiesto. Model put the same photos already in your account and left a nice signature: “I am the luckiest girl in the world, after all, spend the rest of your life with the best man in the world. I love you more than you can imagine!” Definitely, the next wedding will be invited renowned DJs. One of them, under the pseudonym Marshmello already congratulated his colleague with a memorable day. DJ also assured fans that he will definitely appear at the wedding of Tiesto as a DJ. “Congratulations big brother. Love you and wish you both happiness. Will speak at your wedding.” wrote Marshmallows in his Twitter.

This year the musician was more than memorable. According to Forbes, Tiesto came in second place in the list of the most paid DJs in 2017. Its revenue totaled $ 39 million, second only to the Scotsman Calvin Harris, who earned 48.5 million dollars.

Music DJ, whose real name tejs Verwest, started at a very young age. The first steps in this industry Tiesto started to do in 12 years. That’s when his head emerged the pseudonym with which he stands still. Thijs began to perform at small parties, then played at a night club called The Spock. Because the music at that time brought a large income, he had to earn in other ways: first, tejs was a mailman, then as a seller. Fatal was the projection in 1998 at the festival, Innercity, after which he became a world celebrity. In November 2012, Rolling Stone magazine published a list of the top 25 DJs that is headed by the arc de Tiesto.