Dj Smash preparing for surgery

Dj Smash готовится к операции Last week it became known that the famous musician was attacked in a club in Perm. Having received a serious injury, Dj Smash was taken to hospital. According to the artist, he is slowly recovering, but until it is discharged.

Dj Smash suffered from the actions of the fan. During the event, with the participation of the musician in Perm, two visitors of the club wished to be photographed with him. According to some, first selfie with the young people was unsuccessful, so they decided to make another frame. The actor denied them. Supposedly the master of sports on fighting Alexander Telepnev struck Dj Smash strike. The man himself denied this information in a social network. However, after you release the rollers from the hospital, it became clear that the musician was seriously injured: he had a damaged jaw and fixed traumatic brain injury.

Now Dj Smash being treated. According to the artist, the recovery is slow. Against the attacking criminal case under article “Intentional infliction of medium-gravity harm to health”. According to the musician, he will undergo yet another surgery.

“Getting better by leaps and bounds, and you can’t even imagine how nice to feel that you don’t get two jaw, and again. My sick leave was extended until three weeks tomorrow will be another mini-operation, but under the full control of talented doctors about which I will tell you later in a separate post. Emotions overwhelmed, the forces are accumulated, the character hardens, and the investigation is going,” said Dj Smash, uploading a picture from his hospital bed.

Earlier in social networks organized a flashmob in support of the artist and condemned the actions of the telepneva. Stellar colleagues have left the posts in which scolded the assailant. “Boxers who use their skills for other purposes, and deputies in excess of his authority, this is our reality. How to deal with it? Probably need to stop to shoot civilians, stray dogs and to direct their attention to these creatures. Andrew, get well soon! Just think, this is due to the fact that the person refused to be photographed” – resented Samburski after the incident.

The musician thanked for support to all caring people. “It helps me to recover, to feel strong and understand that history will not remain without your attention until the end, evil will be punished and I hope any of us anything like this no longer happens. I’m doing good, do not even go, and flying to her with your incredible support. Alas, all concerts and performances for the next month is cancelled, but I have so many creative thoughts that I am sure new tracks are coming soon!” – reported by Dj Smash.