DJ groove for the first time spoke about the new wife

DJ Грув впервые заговорил о новой жене Now the musician is really happy. DJ groove met my current wife 13 years ago. However, the desire to build a career ruined their relationship.

      DJ Грув впервые заговорил о новой жене

      The engagement of the famous musician Eugene Rudin, better known as DJ groove, it became known in February of this year. He got engaged with his lady, successful business woman with genisoy Vartacriccaa. The musician is happy that he found a soul mate. Eugene admitted that his wife completely changed his life and views.

      “By becoming her husband, the many things I rediscovered. I used to be able to their promises to treat windy. Now I know that if said something – do it. I would often selfish, but Denise has taught me to think about others. She is always sensibly and calmly explain your point of view – it can be quite unexpected and very valuable to my opinion. Often I deep down know that myself just can’t put it into words. So what exactly I genisoy became wiser,” admitted Rudin.

      Now the couple try to spend as much time as possible together. In winter, after the holidays, they were vacationing in the Maldives. Apparently, Eugene and Denise finally found long-awaited happiness.

      The musician admits that he met with his chosen even 13 years ago. However, at that time young people were focused on career and not family, so we broke up. Everyone started to arrange their lives – Eugene married another girl, Alexandra, with whom he lived for 10 years. But last year, their Alliance fell apart. Now former spouses practically don’t communicate. After breaking up with my ex-wife fate has brought Eugene and Denise. This meeting has been able to awaken in them the feelings that they experienced many years ago, however, with ex-wife Eugene practically ceased to maintain a relationship.

      “After some time after we broke up, Jack called me, said he wanted to communicate, but the new girl doesn’t allow him. I hope Denise will understand that the people who were together ten years, can’t stop talking once and for all. The fact that crazy love passes quickly, remain respect and friendship. Our Union has long held that we with Eugene were best friends,” said Alexander “StarHit”.

      Eugene and Denise met for six months, and then Rudin suggested beloved the hand and heart.

      “I’ve thought of everything in advance and was sure that she would say Yes. We immediately picked a ring, signed. We sat together in one of the Moscow restaurants. And agreed that the real wedding we’ll have in the summer,” said Eugene in an interview with the magazine “OK”.

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