Divorced Angelina Jolie talks to dead mother

Разведенная Анджелина Джоли беседует с умершей матерью The Hollywood star spoke about his relationship to the deceased mother. For many years now, Angelina Jolie is unable to accept the death of Marcelin Bertrand, who for a long time suffered from cancer.
Разведенная Анджелина Джоли беседует с умершей матерью

41-year-old actress Angelina Jolie gave a candid interview with his girlfriend, the journalist Marianne pearl. During the conversation with the correspondent of the periodical Hollywood star openly talked about her mother – a French-American actress Marcelin Bertrand. She died of cancer in January 2007. In recognition of Angelina, she can’t accept the loss of a loved one. Celebrity is like talking with a deceased parent. Speaking of Marcelin, movie star hinted that she needed support in a very difficult life after a divorce.

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“I would give anything, if only now she was next to me. It is very necessary to me. I often talk to her mentally and trying to figure out what she’d say in this situation, which side would I was sent. She was a wonderful grandmother. I know how much she could bring to the lives of their grandchildren, and I’m incredibly sad that children are deprived of this opportunity,” – said Jolie.

Also, Angelina told us what it means to be a mother of many children. “This is the greatest gift and responsibility,” she said. The actress believes that it is important to set a good example for his beloved heirs. “I try to be a kind of model for them to be conscious and responsible person. And I try to instill in them a broader view of the world,” added the celebrity.

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According to star, the secret of a successful upbringing of the younger generation – to learn how to “listen and hear”. It is in that Angelina sees the main task of parents. “Children are very resilient, but still they are children. And just as they need help in order to understand the harsh truth of life, they are also in dire need of what each of us – the protection and love,” shared the star.

Recall that Marcelin Bertrand for a long time suffered from ovarian cancer. After the star’s mother passed away, she passed diagnostics. After the examination, Angelina Jolie has discovered a gene with a high likelihood of causing cancer. Fearing the same fate Marcelin, the Hollywood star decided to remove the reproductive organs. “I went to this in order to be able to live, to love, to see my children grow up, and meet his grandchildren,” explained Angelina public.