Divorce Zhukova and Abramovich: the reasons for the separation and fabulously compensation

Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные Yesterday the couple released an official statement in which he made a sensational confession. Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova suddenly broke up after a dozen years together. “StarHit” found that out about one of the most talked about events this summer.
Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные

Yesterday, one of the richest men in Russia, Roman Abramovich and socialite Daria Zhukova announced that broke up after ten years of marriage. The pair stressed that this decision was for them extremely difficult. However, the former lovers will continue to raise children together – three year old Leah and seven year old Aaron, and to develop joint projects, which include the Garage in Moscow and the Moscow cultural center “New Holland” in St. Petersburg.


The news about the breakup of the 50-year-old Roman and 36-year-old Daria produced a bombshell and provoked heated discussions on the Network. Many wondered why the couple, whose relationship seemed perfect, I decided to leave. While fans Abramovich was elated and made plans to conquer the hearts of the oligarchs, other Internet users put forward different versions of what happened between Abramovich and Zhukova. So, infamous blogger Lena Miro said that the separation of the businessman and it-girl was quite expected.

“In General, nothing amazing never happened. After Dasha Zhukova caught with a man, it was clear that the next relationship will be. (…) Roman Abramovich, in contrast to the hamster, there is every reason to consider himself the alpha male. Same as Dasha Zhukova to think that it is not found in the garbage. Each of them has a reason to cherish their freedoms, but neither one of them are not satisfied with freedom partner,” – said the star of the blogosphere.

Miro believes that the separation of the spouses influenced their characters. Being leaders by nature, Daria and Roman could hardly put up with the same demanding person around. “And Abramovich and Zhukova need beta, and gamma,” concluded Lena.

Singer Natalia Shturm, which once was in love with Roman Abramovich, believes that the vacancy in the second half of the oligarch is already taken. With this purpose, the entrepreneur and it-girl has decided to announce the breakup.

“To the public “they put dots on “i” for something. For what? It is known to them. Whether it is a formal marriage or Dashi, or Roman Abramovich, then there will be announced new Alliance. It does not look a mess, they are forced to declare that it is all over,” commented Storm.

In the Network regularly pop up the names of the alleged lovers of Roman Abramovich. Who not only called the new darling of the businessman. So, some tipped oligarch wives will take the Mariinsky theatre Diana Vishneva. A couple of years ago, the novel alone visited a private dinner, and then undertook to sponsor a project ballerina. Another possible contender for the role of the companion of the businessman – it-girl Hope Obolentseva. Recently she divorced with Ayrat Isakov, therefore, ready to accept the advances of Roman Abramovich.

Blogger and secular browser Bozena of Rynska believes that the rumors about the passion of Roman Abramovich, the former wife of wealthy tycoon untrue.

Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные“I do not know. But certainly not with Nadia Obolentseva” – with these words the journalist answered the question about a new novel by the owner of club “Chelsea”.

At the same time, Rynska maintains that she knows the identity of the chosen Zhukova, with whom she meets for nearly three months. However, the infamous blogger refused to declassify mate galeristka. “I beg,” said the woman on Facebook.

In the comments to the post Bozena turned the whole discussion. Followers Ryńskie put forward their suggestions, Dating Zhukov. However, the blogger was relentless and continued to remain silent, only occasionally answering questions from subscribers. So, according to the woman, the former girlfriend of Roman Abramovich is definitely not found with Emmanuel Macron or someone from the family of Donald trump.

In addition, Bozhena Rynska deny that Daria Zhukova supposedly happy in a relationship with a former lover Heidi Klum Vito Schnabel, with whom she was photographed by an Italian tabloid. By the way, then erupted serious scandal. As a result, the representatives of Abramovich said that the pictures are “fake” and achieved their withdrawal from the website of the publication. Rynska maintains that Zhukov meets with a young and attractive man.

Daria Zhukova was suspected of treason to Roman Abramovich

Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные“Actually he is not. The beautiful and big-nosed. And this freak some nasty. The young Abramovich, but more and more beautiful,” commented Bozena resonant frames.


Source Forbes magazine says that about any official divorce of Abramovich and Zhukova speech does not go yet. The same, according to an insider, for compensation for Zhukova. Whether this is so, is not known.

However, there is the view that Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova divorced back in the spring, just in no hurry to announce the change in marital status. If this information is true, then the partition of jointly acquired property is definitely not to be. However, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky, specializing in the separations of the rich and famous, believes that Roman and Daria have discussed all the issues before getting married.

“I think that they are intelligent people and they certainly did. Signed all the documents that will be the case if the couple will break up. Therefore, no process wait. The crowd will not be discussed, because no process will be,” Dobrovinsky told journalists.

Specialist in all questions Yuri Loza worried spouse will go to Chelsea. The actor worried about the future of the football club.

Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные“If it is something more or less. If it is then it is will probably be interesting. The woman at the helm of the football team? For me this sight is not very clear. Chelsea are a good football club. Still, Abramovich is interested in football: he goes to matches, takes some decisions, participates in the life of the club. If Chelsea depart her, it would be a burden”, – said the musician.

Everything else, said the artist, it is of little interest. With regard to the separation of the Roman and Daria, the man considers it’s quite normal. “The rich are getting a divorce, divorce the poor” – quoted journalists Vine.

In connection with a sensational statement about the breakup of Roman Abramovich and Daria Zhukova in the press also recalled the previous divorce men. Then the amount of compensation which was received by Irina, reached a record $ 300 million. Moreover, the tycoon has pledged to support five children and gave the ex-wife of four villas in the UK, an estate in the County of West Sussex, two apartments in London and a castle in France. Now Irina is among the richest women in Russia. Darya Zhukova, according to journalists, will get (or already got) no less.


One of the most discussed posts in blogosphere was the recent publication of telediva Ksenia Sobchak. The star spoke out in support of a loved one who is experiencing a difficult life period. Many here have decided that we are talking about Daria Zhukova presenter knows that for nearly twenty years.

Развод Жуковой и Абрамовича: причины расставания и баснословные отступные“You should be able to appreciate what comes into your life, enjoy what you have, and the most difficult to let go when it all ends… Today I’m with a very dear person, whom I have known since childhood, a beautiful and bright woman in front a lot of incredible discoveries and new roads!” – Xenia has shared in the microblog.

According to Alexander Dobrovinsky, he knows who was the initiator of the breakup, but has no plans to share this information with the press. The lawyer said that Zhukova and Abramovich “very decent people” who did much for the public good. The lawyer had defended the former lovers from the attacks of enemies and encouraged to leave their private life alone.

“Let’s see, what did Dasha and Roman Abramovich for art! See what made Roman Abramovich for our sport, well, amazing! Took on the most difficult of his minutes. Look Chukotka! And which Golf club he had built, which is completely subsidized, like most things he does. How much money he has invested in football for Chelsea and how much joy it brings to fans,” said Dobrovinsky.

The first love of Roman Abramovich, the singer Natalia Shturm, also very good opinion about the businessman and his ex-fiancee. According to the singer of the hit “high School romance” the tycoon and socialite have never boasted his wealth. This behavior, says the artist, worthy of respect.

“It was a beautiful relationship. Me in this pair of Dasha very much. Never displayed their wealth, to show off, hype was not satisfied. Gave birth to two children from the man she loved. Roman Abramovich scandals did not suit never. He is a good man. He in the childhood was good, that he is now. Parted okay,” said Sturm.

In preparing the article used materials Forbes, RBC, RIA Novosti and Komsomolskaya Pravda.