Divorce Scarlett Johansson turns into a fierce battle

Развод Скарлетт Йоханссон превращается в ожесточенную битву
The husband of actress tries to take away her child.

Развод Скарлетт Йоханссон превращается в ожесточенную битву

Scarlett Johansson and Romain Dorian


Scarlett Johansson’s daughter rose


Although Scarlett Johansson and her husband Romain of Doriana, who is currently busy with the divorce,
have a wedding contract, it did not prevent their divorce to turn into a real
battle. In their case, the subject of a fierce “carve-up” were not money, but
the only child of the couple — two years
daughter rose.

As stated by the lawyer of Doriana Hal Meyerson, his client is determined to take a daughter to France to live there with her
constantly. As for Johansson, she believes Romain,
the child does no good: she’s too busy with her work. So supposedly only caring about the interests of the child, the father wants to take rose with him,
Scarlett requiring substantial alimony for the maintenance and education of

“A child needs stability, and Mrs. Johansson drags her along
around the world, which is bad for such a little girl. Besides, it is obvious that
she doesn’t have time to have my daughter!” — said Myerson.

The lawyer of the accused Draka Scarlett that she’s already made
step, from his point of view contrary to the interests of a small rose — his decision to divorce through the courts. “Miss Scarlett and my client were intense
the process of negotiations, intending to settle out of court. And here she is, interrupting
the negotiations have filed for divorce!” — said Myers. And the Doriana, learning about the actions of Scarlett, publicly called Johansson “selfish, caring only about their interests”.

This story is very reminiscent of the recent
court battle uma Thurman and Arpad of Busson, who are not
less bitterness which year are shared with my daughter the moon. As Doriana, Busson eager to pick up my daughter from the mother to take with them to France. Interestingly, both dads used the dispute over child the same arguments. In the case of Thurman win
while got her. But how to refer the court to
the situation in the family Johansson, view.