Divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt came to an end

Бракоразводному процессу Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта пришел конец

Insider tabloid The Sun reported that the divorce process, 42-year-old Angelina Jolie and 54-year-old brad pitt came to an end — the pair agreed on the terms of the divorce and will soon sign the documents.

Бракоразводному процессу Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта пришел конец

“Conditions still needs to be agreed upon by the lawyers of pitt and Jolie, but it will be completed in the coming weeks. This is a huge step forward since their marriage collapsed, especially considering the charges (abuse of children. — Approx. ed.) that Angelina filed against brad. Now they are finally in a good relationship,” said an insider.

As it became known earlier, the judge extended the temporary agreement reached by the couple last year. Six of the child actors continued to live with her mother and regularly communicate with the father.

“Brad and Angie doing a good job. Children see a father who cherishes them… Angelina is watching everything and trying to be that supermom for sons and daughters. She and brad are looking for ways to continue to live, to be happy,” — said the insider.

Бракоразводному процессу Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта пришел конец
Pitt and Jolie have agreed not to disclose details of the divorce process. To find a way out of controversial situations, including the division of property, the couple decided not in full view of the public. “Brad’s divorce was difficult but now he is fine and remains devoted to his family,” said the insider, and added that on the personal front, the actor is now “nothing serious happens”.

More detail about the relationship of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt have appeared online. The couple could not agree on custody of 6 children, 3 own and 3 foster. It turns out that the relationship between the former spouses did not go well from the start. Brad’s parents bill and Jane pitt were in a tense relationship with Angelina. The fact that Pitt was a very warm relationship with the previous wife of the brad — Jennifer aniston.

The mother insisted that her divorce from aniston was a big mistake. First contact with Angelina convinced Jane pitt that they are very different people. Jolie despised traditional values of the Patriarchal family of the husband. Over time, the attitude of parents and wives of brad has not improved, and only became worse.

“Jane instantly realized that Angelina is a very difficult person. Angie never visited the relatives of brad in Missouri, and during the rare meetings he and Jane fought constantly. Another thing Jennifer aniston — she was always nice and friendly, they considered her the perfect daughter-in-law,” writes the American magazine Now. In the network there was information that Jane pitt tried to get in touch with his son’s wife, and she did not reciprocate.