Divorce inevitable: Ewan McGregor removes his belongings from the family home

Развод неизбежен: Юэн Макгрегор вывозит свои вещи из семейного дома
The actor’s wife has lost hope for reconciliation.

Ewan McGregor


Friends Of Ewan McGregor
and his still legal wife eve Mavrakis from day to day, waiting for the announcement of the divorce process. Another confirmation of the inevitability of this
the development of events was the fact that the actor is already in full swing removes his things from the house,
where he lived with Eva and the kids. Paparazzi managed to photograph as Ewan helped make
the paintings and ship them to the car.

And just a couple
days ago Mavrakis the first time allowed himself to speak — what she thinks about what is happening. It
happened after a friend of eve wrote in her sotsialnoy network: “I
I can’t believe he left you… for this … person!” “What can I do
to do?” – not hiding his desperation answered Mavrakis. Recall: McGregor
met eve in 1995, filming Kavanagh QC. They played
a wedding in the same year and since then has acquired offspring — four daughters.
Clara is now 21 years old, Gaman 16, Esther 15, and the youngest Anouk is only

As for the new girlfriend of McGregor Mary Elizabeth
Winsted, the affair with her tied Ewan’s last year — they fell in love with each
friend on the set of the TV series “Fargo.” About a month ago the paparazzi
McGregor caught kissing passionately
with a 32-year-old actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, one of the most popular
London cafe. Moreover, this scene played out in broad daylight
a day in the eyes of many people. Although everyone was puzzled by the behavior of Ewan and his companions, friends of the couple.
was hoping this story
to be a random affair, and even more make up with your wife, with which together
he lived for more than 20 years. But now, it seems, those hopes came to an end.