Divorce Buzova devalued her book about happiness

Развод Бузовой обесценил ее книгу о счастье Discussing the new value of the work of the presenter. According to some, a number of shops sell “Price of happiness” Olga Buzova is very cheap. At instances even the autograph of a celebrity.
Развод Бузовой обесценил ее книгу о счастье

TV presenter Olga Buzova released last year the book “the Price of happiness,” in which she gave advice on how to be happy and keep the perfect relationship in the family. However, after a few months after the book marriage itself Buzova broke up, she changed her image and decided to conquer the music world.

As it became known, several bookstores work the stars put up for sale. Initially, the creation Buzova cost more than 1000 rubles. Some copies were personally signed by the star of the reality show, and the pages smelled nice floral perfume.

However, now the Network has pictures where you can see the book of Olga with a price tag of 49 cents. “StarHit” found that the St. Petersburg chain stores almost completely sold out this work, and about future plans to order it for the customers, the employees are not misleading. Many fans Buzova surprised by such a low value of the autobiographical novel. A number of admirers of Olga noted that some items are sold with marriage.

“Get’ em cheaper”, “Shops burned in her book,” “Then I will spend” “In this book, apparently, the information is no longer relevant. So drained,” wrote netizens.

Развод Бузовой обесценил ее книгу о счастье

Recall that in the book, Olga Buzova tried to explain to the women that first of all you need to love yourself. According to the author, it depends on the people attitude.

“Self love is not selfishness and not for life and for yourself. Love of self is natural, joyful, conscious, daily self-care, your body, mind, soul and spirit. A healthy body gives a healthy mind and Vice versa. It is important to love yourself and not be selfish, consumed with themselves, and forget about those who are near. This behavior has nothing to do with love” – shared the star on the pages of the work.

As it became known just a few months after the start of sales “Price of happiness”, this project failed. The publishers said that because of the divorce Buzova, sales of her books plummeted. Dmitry Oseransky did not expect ten thousand printed copies fans snap up only a third. She, Olga Buzova could not understand why she had to stimulate the sales of his book. The star posted pictures from the presentations in the social network, and strongly encouraged to acquire a literary masterpiece. Olga Buzova threatened with court because of the failure of the sales of her books

“It turns out that I do post and earn more. About what I advertise, I sense what? I’m writing a post – the book sold, not write – not for sale. Not a very high level of relations”, – so responded Buzova on the situation.