Divorce benefited angelina Jolie

Развод пошел на пользу Анджелине Джоли
The actress has already have not looked so good.

Angelina Jolie


It looks like the most
hard times left for Angelina Jolie in the past. Anyway,
latest photos actress is extremely delighted fans — Joli looks at them
considerably refreshed and prettier.

It seemed a
recently emaciated appearance, Jolie suggests that Angelina serious health problems. But in all
likely, it was the fact that she was very grieved at the collapse of his
marriage with brad pitt. Make the decision to divorce her was very
it is not easy. No less negative impact on her, apparently, and hard
starting the divorce process. Angelina and brad spoke to each other
only through lawyers and, at first, and did just that publicly
exchanged accusations. But now, when her relationship with pitt began
returning to normal, and her nerves calmed down a bit, Jolie is back to normal
appetite, and she ceased to suffer from insomnia. And all this simply could not
affect its health and appearance.

Looks like
stabilization of Angelina with
Brad really helped that he had the cure, to get rid of his
dependence on excessive consumption of alcohol, the actor admitted in an
of his last interviews. And now, although the divorce process is still far from
the conclusion at pitt there is every reason to hope that Jolie will agree
that he got a joint with her custody of the children. That would be just
fine for all participants in this story.