“Divorce and maiden name”: which zodiac signs do not value marriage

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами Astrology helps us to know better each other and prevent many problems. Some of the signs of the zodiac prepare to rush headlong into a new relationship, forgetting about family and life together with others for some is just a joy.
«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

Everyone wants to protect their happiness and protect their relationship. And you need to understand that one person will be more forgiving and hold on to the relationship, and the other categorically ask me for a divorce. Astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang offers a feature for each sign of the zodiac that might help to protect yourself from divorce.

12 – Virgo

Virgin tries with all his might to be a good man. And family breakdown is very harmful good reputation. Virgo is very rare for a divorce. Besides, they are not just trying to save the relationship and try to improve them. Model Elena Perminova is married to businessman Alexander Lebedev. The couple are raising three children.

11th place – Fish

Fish appreciates and loves family. Very quiet sign that knows how to live in harmony with your beloved and cherish the love. Divorced Pisces rarely and only in the case when the relationship really had run its course. Agata muceniece for several years lived in marriage with Paul Priluchny. They met on the set of the TV series “Closed school”. Now the couple are raising two children, Timothy and MIA.

10th place – Taurus

Taurus needs stability and tranquility. He is able to adapt to your partner and has enormous patience. The bulls don’t want to divorce and will try to use all chances to save your relationship. Natalia Podolskaya met Vladimir Presnyakov over 10 years ago. The wedding was held in 2010 and for many fans they are considered one of the strongest couples of the show business.

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

9th place – Capricorn

Capricorns are family people. They value stability and family comfort. They do not like intrigues on the side and will not risk the family’s happiness that they have for new emotions. But if Capricorn is faced with betrayal, he will file for divorce without hesitation. TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov has long made it clear that her family is not so smooth. Only after a while she admitted to divorcing her husband. It later emerged that the man cheated on her.

8th place – Leo

As shown by my practice, statistically, the Lions are not inclined to divorce. They love attention, besides, as a rule, put a lot into relationships both morally and financially. Therefore divorce for them is perceived as a serious step backwards and a big loss. Julia was married to a famous Director Andrei Kozlovskogo 20 years ago. The couple have a son Peter and a daughter Mary, who five years ago was in a car accident and stayed a long time in a coma. However, the problem even more United couple.

7th place – Cancer

Cancer though is moving backwards, but not in cases of divorce. They try their best to save the relationship and often blame the disorder itself. Divorce is a serious Cancer problem. Dmitri Pevtsov and Olga Drozdova together for 25 years. They have a son Elisha. Many fans consider them family model.

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

6th place: Aries

Very stubborn and proud sign. Aries people tend to seek your loved one and hold on to the relationship. But they will not tolerate to a consumer relationship, and if you feel that you don’t like them, they can easily file for divorce. Valeria broke up with her first husband Leonid Yaroshevsky, when there was love. She admitted that the man liked her from the very first meeting, but after a while their relationship changed. The artist did not pull and walked away from their spouse. Valeria does not regret that took this decision.

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

5th place – Aquarius

Aquarians have a greater tendency to divorce. Most interestingly, they rarely blame themselves. Often they find excuses and shift the responsibility on your partner. Singer Julia Nachalova was married twice. Then for five years was in a relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov. This novel did not end with the wedding.

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

4th place – Sagittarius

Sagittarians are very often divorced. But the most interesting – they are more likely signs of the zodiac have a tendency then to return to past relationships. The fact that it is difficult to adapt to your partner. Prokhor Chaliapin was married to a businesswoman Larissa Kopenkina. He left her when he found out that his new sweetheart Anna Kalashnikova pregnant. A DNA test proved that the baby was not born from him, he broke off the engagement with the chosen one. Now, however, the graduate of “factory of stars” communicates with Anna and Larisa.

3rd place – Libra

Representatives of the Libra sign can go through a lot of divorces in my life. And every divorce they perceive very painful. Also Scales don’t forgive infidelity and leave the relationship in case of betrayal. Not so long ago, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan broke up with his wife Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. The woman still did not fully understand the reasons which prompted the famous Director to part with it.

«Развод и девичья фамилия»: какие знаки зодиака не дорожат брачными узами

2nd place – Scorpio

Scorpios are very temperamental, and emotions are primary in the relationship. If a representative of this zodiac sign is in love, he will do everything possible to be there. Even if I have to say goodbye to the lawful spouse. TV presenter Dmitry Dibrov has been married four times. With his current wife Pauline he met when she was only 17 years old. Just two months before the wedding with her, he divorced third wife.

1st place – Gemini

The twins are getting divorced often enough and they need to be careful. Their emotional state is very fickle, and they know how to hide it. Also, the Twins don’t like to admit their mistakes and don’t want to be responsible in conflict situations. If the representatives of this zodiac sign do not love your other half, he will create such conditions under which it is impossible to live together. Singer Vadim Kazachenko was in a difficult situation – despite the fact that he for many years worked together with producer Irina Amanti and considered it his “karma wife”, he married in 2014 with Olga Martynova. Two years later, after the celebration, the artist turned to the judges for recognition of the marriage is a sham. During court cases, he formalized the relationship with Irina Amanti.