Развод! Эмбер Херд отсудила у Джонни Деппа $7 млн

Breakup acting couples have received legal registration.

Three months later, a scandalous divorce and 30-year-old amber and 53-year-old johnny has finally been completed – the actress withdrew her charges the now ex-husband of domestic violence.

Breakup with amber johnny has managed in a round sum. According to TMZ, amber will get from johnny about $ 7 million. However, in the joint official statement of the couple about the breakup asserts that “None of us made any false claims for financial gain”. Looks like johnny has proven himself as a true gentleman, signing under these words and forgiving amber all her allegations of domestic violence that she was unable to prove, but due to the actor’s reputation suffered significant damage.

“Our relationship was passionate, not always calm, but always full of love, – also said in a statement. — None of us intended to cause another physical or emotional harm. Amber wishes johnny all the best in the future. She also undertakes part of the proceeds spent on charity”.

But more recently stormed the African passion in the network appeared video of a quarrel Depp and Hurd (actress later claimed that the leak was not her fault), it became known the grisly details of another quarrel, during which johnny blamed amber in connection with the actor Billy Bob Thornton and cut his hand on the glass and wrote with his blood on the mirror: “amber + Billy Bob”…

But a few million dollars did the trick was a sharp silence, peace and quiet. As if nothing had happened, nobody said anything and nothing was charged…

Or still was, do you think?

  • Amber made johnny good!
  • The smoke without fire does not happen, Depp is still the bully!
  • Yes who will disassemble them there should not climb into someone else’s garden.

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