Dispelling the myths: the truth about wall panels

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

Not so long ago the choice of materials was limited to Wallpaper, paint and plaster. That the rooms were decorated with noble wall panels, like the pictures of historical interiors, had only dreamed of because of their high cost, small range, and unfounded prejudices. We are ready to debunk the myths that you have seen: wall panels — a practical, accessible and incredibly stylish interior solution, available to everyone.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

Myth 1: wall panels is expensive

Wall panels can close the wall as a whole or only its lower part, but in any case, look presentable and expensive. It is because of a solid appearance, many think that they are such a luxury can not afford. It is not necessary to go on about first impressions.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

Indeed, once carved panels were made by hand from precious wood and they were decorated only with palaces. Materials of the XXI century is cheaper, more varied and more practical. For example, the LDF panel hardboard low density of the company Ultrawood due to their fibrous structure is not sensitive to surface roughness and have more than polyurethane, foam and plastic strength. They are not afraid of humidity drops from 40 to 80%, and then over time they will diverge in the joints. In this case the LDF panel is quite affordable and will protect the wall surfaces from damage that eventually will also help to save on repairs.

Myth 2: the wall panels will require a complex installation and maintenance

Installation of wall panels — the process is relatively simple. It will not require as much skill and time as, for example, applying 10 layers of Venetian plaster.

Note: wall panels are a great way to hide wall irregularities and design flaws. They don’t need careful alignment surfaces like textured plaster or paint, which in itself is a saving of time and money.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

The installation of every variety of wall panels has its own characteristics, for example, LDF panels are easily installed with glue and mechanical fasteners due to its light weight. At the cost of their installation is comparable to installing panels of wood and will cost less than working with plaster articles.

Reminder: complexity typically arises in the case of panels with poor geometry. Join them is not easy, however, this disadvantage is characteristic only for the panels and the moldings molded by using the silicone forms made of synthetic materials.

LDF-panel primed at the factory and need to be painted, which provides more opportunity for self-expression and facilitates the subsequent repair and redesign of the room. Everyday, including slight damp cleaning, without any problems. After installation and painting of the panel are not sensitive to water, that is not true, for example, paper Wallpaper.

Myth 3: wall panels can be hazardous to your health

Toxic can be and paint, and insulation for walls and Wallpaper glue. In choosing any finishing material it is important to pay attention to the presence of certificates of conformity and reliability of the manufacturer.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

Of course, the more natural will be the material the better from the point of view of durability and health safety. If synthetic wall panels cause you to doubt, choose the available option from the natural material. Modern production technologies allow to connect the wood fibres of pine with the lignin (natural resin allegorica) to get an easy and eco-friendly LDF-plate.

Reminder:LDF-decor company Ultrawood has the international certificate of environmental compliance ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

Myth 4: wall panels are only suitable for classic interiors

Many do not consider wall panels as a variant of the design of the home, as accustomed to see them in the interiors, reminiscent of the Palace chambers. It is obvious that classic style often refers to this type of decor, which in a flash transforms an ordinary room into an elegant nest. Perfectly in tune wall panels and country styles, such as French Provence.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

However, this type of decoration can decorate and a more modern interior, the main thing to choose the panels uncluttered and stucco. Rigorous and concise, the wall panels will fit in many interior styles, especially if you get creative and find them interesting color scheme.

Myth 5: the wall panels difficult to fit in the interior

Wall panel with minimalist decor, it is much easier to enter into the interior, than, Wallpaper with roses or contrasting geometric patterns.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

Tip: choose wall panels with concise design and bright details add other, less durable items, e.g., chairs or interior textiles. If the situation you get bored, replace them is not difficult, and the neutral walls will serve as the perfect backdrop.

The use of wall panels in the interior:

  • panels from floor to ceiling;
  • design one accent wall;
  • panel to the middle of the wall in combination with Wallpaper or paint over it.
  • panel in combination with a variety of moldings to create murals on the walls.

Развенчиваем мифы: вся правда о стеновых панелях

If you doubt that they will be able to perfectly match all design elements: wall panels, ceiling and floor moldings, decorative architectural elements (fireplace portals, columns, etc.), choose a company willing to provide all the trim in the same style. For example, the LDF Ultrawood decor from from includes versions of the elements that as a designer easy fit together and ideal for finishing any part of the interior.

The advantages of wall panels:

  • create a unique interior;
  • protect vulnerable spots of the walls that allows less to make repairs and to save money;
  • hide surface irregularities and design flaws;
  • easy to install and low maintenance.
    As you can see, most of the prejudices against the wall panels are not confirmed in practice, and through the use of innovative materials and modern design, they have become affordable for virtually everyone.