Disney promised to release the films in the “Star wars” until 2032

В Disney пообещали выпускать фильмы по «Звездным войнам» до 2032 года

Shoot, shoot and again shoot. Studio Disney in the person of the head of the company Bob iger reports that in the universe of “Star wars” they have so many stories that it is possible to remove tape over the next fifteen years, until 2032.

“Now we look ahead and discuss the plot of the ninth episode of or something that should happen in “Star wars” fifteen years from now,” says iger.
We will remind that in December of this year on the big screen will appear eighth part of the Saga “the Last Jedi”, and in may of next year will spin-off about Han Solo. In particular, the audience will tell about the life of a young smuggler, declassify his real name and show how he became the way we know it.