“Disgusting and stinks!”: The son of Vyacheslav Zaytsev, said the conflict with his father

«Гадко и смердит!»: Сын Вячеслава Зайцева прокомментировал конфликт с отцом
What happens within the walls of the famous House of fashion?

Vyacheslav Zaitsev’s son Yegor

Photo: @YegorYezZaitsev Facebook Yegor Zaitsev

Recently in the Network appeared rumors that Vyacheslav Zaitsev quarreled with his son over a House of fashion. Supposedly the heir to a fashion designer Yegor tried to remove from his 79-year-old father. The behavior of Yegor compared with RAID… one of the Federal channels aired a story stating that the fashion House Zaitseva remained without heat and it happened, supposedly by Greg, “had a hand” to turn off the heating.

As it became known, off heating occurred due to accumulated debts for utilities, appeared not the fault of the son of the designer, who is Deputy Director-General. Unable to withstand the pressure of the yellow press, Egor in an emotional manner commented on spreading information about the conflict with a famous father.

“Friends! Goes nasty stuffing information on our House of fashion. If I in the coming days is not good for the father, write the truth. The sleep of reason produces monsters… my Heart is racing from the pain. Disgusting and stinks! — spoke about the situation son Zaitsev. — Debt is when took, not gave on time and owed. And there’s another debt. Business established, after another villain who wanted to grab yours: and sales during the crisis are growing, and the prospects are interesting, and work in joy… But, BAM – and you made in the cadastral registry and the bill put – 6 000 000. for example. And after he raised the cadastral value of real estate in 5 times. And your debt is 30 000 000. And breaking the hands of securities claims. And you, foolishly, to pay for it. And losing ground on other fronts. That is another duty. And officials hinted you ordered. But you are fighting on all legal fronts. And discourage the millions – the world is not without good friends!”

Not so long ago Yegor admitted that he suspects that his family “ordered”. Against Zaitsev opened a media war, which the son of Vyacheslav intends shortly to speak publicly.