Недовольные зрители демонстративно уходили со спектакля Ольги Дроздовой The actress failed during a tour in St. Petersburg. Olga Drozdova told her shocking story at the time of the transfer “Relish”. The audience tried “applauded” artists “Contemporary”, and some citizens, leaving the room, left on stage tickets.
Недовольные зрители демонстративно уходили со спектакля Ольги Дроздовой

On Saturday, June 24, the acting married couple Olga Drozdova and Dmitry Pevtsov became the guests of the program “Relish”. The husband and wife are arranged in the air Ivan Urgant real battle. Olga was making soup for weight loss, and Dmitry – pancakes, which are very fond of his mother.

Parallel to the star couple told the host and viewers about his life and work in theater. As you know, Olga Drozdova many years in the “contemporary”, Dmitry Pevtsov busy in the performances “Lenkoma”. Olga Drozdova: “Dima wedlock son with a neighbor”

During the transfer we were talking about the fact that audiences do not always accept and understand the work of the actors. Olga Drozdova reminded of unpleasant things that had to go through her and the cast of “Contemporary” during the tour of the theatre in Saint-Petersburg in the beginning of 2000-ies. Moscow troupe brought to the Northern capital performance “Mamapapasynsobaka” in the play “family stories” by Serbian playwright Biljana Slanovich directed by Nina Chusova.

Недовольные зрители демонстративно уходили со спектакля Ольги Дроздовой“Baboloki got up, put little paper on the stage and left the hall, – said Olga Drozdova. – And I still think it’s fun, scrapbook, probably some kind of action. It turned out that it was tickets to the show. They clapped, as it turned out, they closed the show. Galina Borisovna Volchek we then comforted, said Vysotsky at the time, was also slammed. So we were very proud then.”

Ivan Urgant tried in his characteristic manner to translate everything into a joke, the presenter suggested that all of this was organized with the filing of the actors of the theaters of the cultural capital.

“It was mostly disguised by Leningrad artists, friends of my father, said Ivan Urgant. – Grandma d was there with a mustache and glasses?”

A similar story of his career and remembered the husband of Olga Drozdova, Dmitry Pevtsov. The actor told how once, after the performance he was waiting for one of the spectators. However, he was not waiting for compliments from grateful fans. “I go out there is a woman. Think: now ask for an autograph, says the Singers. – She: aren’t you ashamed for what you just showed? I said no. To call a play, I think not…”