Disgraced again: Kim’s outfit became a meme

Опять опозорилась: наряд Ким стал мемом

The star of the reality show once again became the subject of ridicule. This time all the fault of the glittering outfit that she wore to the ball costume Institute Met Gala 2016.

Kim Kardashian appeared on one of the major fashion events of the year, the annual Met Gala 2016, in a sparkling silver toilet in the floor, created by the fashion house Balmain. The theme of this year’s event was “Hand and machine: Fashion in the age of modern technology”. That’s why Kim opted along in a futuristic style. In addition, she clearly wanted to show off in front of fans toned figure: the star quickly regained perfect shape after my second child was born.

However, Kim’s efforts were not rewarded, and it again became a subject of ridicule. The Internet spread through the blades, where Kardashian was portrayed as iconic characters of the Saga “Star wars” droid C-3PO. The resemblance really was amazing! In addition, to dress the stars reminded the foil sheets, which can be purchased at any hardware store. In General, once again Kim Kardashian and her taste ridiculed. The position is not even saved by the fact that the outfit was designed by the legendary fashion house.

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